Merc Elite Update 008


Merc Elite Update 008

#1 The New Merc Screen
#2 New Map – Trainyard
#3 AI Takeover!
#4 General and Balance Changes
#5 Fixes and Improvements

#1 The New Merc Screen


From the screenshot you can see some dramatic differences, and major improvements. While the cosmetic changes (larger Mercs , better display of stats, less wasted space) are fairly obvious, what’s even better is the new class customization we’ve added with the inventory setup. Now instead of simply buying every upgrade you find, you now get to choose a load-out and customize both your Mercs and your weapon. This means you can now tailor your mercenary to fit your play-style. There is a second benefit as well; this will lead to a better balanced game, since the progression is no longer a linear increase in power, and can be balanced against the limited number of upgrades.

Weapon progression has also changed significantly. Weapon tiers are gone, and the progression is now owned by the individual Mercs. Each time a Mercs earns a new tier, he can further raise his skill with his weapon. Weapons also support customization now, and we have added an extensive set of new upgrades you can apply to your gun provided you unlock them first.

Lastly, since it was a popular request and it will make sense with the new progression setup, Mercs now can be promoted from one tier to the next. This means you no longer have to fire or abandon lower tier Mercs as you earn your way up the tree.

These changes should be a major improvement to the way progression feels in Merc Elite, and we hope everyone playing will enjoy the new setup. As always, we are going to need your feedback in the beta. We are already having fun with trying out different builds on our characters during the in-house playtests, and we look forward to seeing the combinations other players put together.

One last big announcement: since this change is going to affect your in-game accounts when we roll it out, we are going to make significant changes to the database when the new system goes live. We are going to be converting your old characters to new ones at the same tier level. Since the new upgrades are completely different from the previous setup, we will give partial refunds of credits and free-XP, as well as giving you a head start on the weapon proficiency if you are above tier 1. Since we are a beta there is always the possibility that things could go wrong with this transition, so we will be monitoring support and the forums closely to handle any problems.

#2 New Map – Trainyard
Trains, Trains everywhere!

Basically it is what it says on the box: a big parking space for trains. Most of the space is occupied by trains which leads to a close-quarter experience and gives plenty of opportunities for well organized ambushes!

The maps looks something like … this:


#3 AI Takeover!
We know that disconnects during a match are really, really annoying.

To soften the blow that comes when a player disconnects for whatever reasons from the match, the player that disconnected will be replaced by a bot (visibvle because the Bot tag will be added to the name of the player that disconnected for that match) with the same equipment. That way the imbalance in the teams will be countered.

We are also continuing on improving the AI to make the Bot-Mercs smarter and smarter, so that they can one day take over the world!

#4 General and Balance Changes


Elite Point Generation
– halved the EP you get from capturing points and killing/assisting
– added a 1EP/3sec interval

General Stats
– all health and damage values were multiplied by 3
– all cooldown increased slightly
– all ranges decreased slightly
– health regeneration changed to regenerate 4% of the MaxHealth every second when you are out of combat

Balance Changes

Commando Roll
– added 30% movement speed buff after roll for 2 seconds

– now has a duration of 2 seconds
– during this time the Assault won’t lose charges through attacks and skills while the additional damage still triggers

Death from above
– reduced costs from 100 to 75 EP
– decreased damage drastically
– removed knock back at higher tiers
– cooldown set to 15 seconds

Tactical Grenade
– decreased delay from 500 to 300

Protective Field
– removed Efficiency bonus
– increased absorb amount

– removed slow effect

Sensor Tower
– lifetime increased from 60s to unlimited
– can now only place 2 Sensor Towers; as soon as a third tower gets placed the first will get destroyed
– removed triggering the EMP explosion at higher tiers
– absorb amount increased
– decreased delay from 500 to 200

Drone Strike
– has no maximum range


Bounding Mine
– removed slow effect
– mine charges reduced from 4 to 2; there is an upgrade available to increase them back to 4

Rocket Barrage
– removed area effect at higher tiers
– damage decreased slightly


Augmented Shield
– absorb amount increased

Bola Shot
– slow duration reduced from 2 to 1.2 seconds
– removed absorb shield when hitting an enemy; there is an upgrade available to get the absorb effect when hitting an enemy

EMP Grenade
– disable (silence) duration reduced from 2.5 to 1.7 seconds

Absorb Sphere
– removed knockback
– removed slow
– increased damage reduction form 60% to 75%

– decreased damage drastically
– added 2 sec stun
– can no longer be used on range at higher tiers
– removed delay time between finishing the animation and damage

#5 Fixes and Improvements

– Fixed numerous wrong descriptions in several tooltips
– Fixed wrong default hotkeys for Fullscreen and Settings
– Fixed wrong default hotkey for the use of Consumables after the hotkey got remapped
– Fixed wrong amount of Consumables carried into the match / out of the match
– Fixed that the auto refill box will actually automatically refill your consumables
– Improved stability
– Improved performance



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