Merc Elite Shutting Down


Merc Elite Shutting Down

After careful evaluation of Merc Elite in the last year, we have ultimately decided to shut down Merc Elite and focus on a new MOBA that we have been hard at work developing. Throughout the process we learned a lot from developing the game, putting it into Open Beta and from all of your valuable feedback that we’ve received.

We thank you for your countless hours of dedication whether you were playing the game, reporting bugs or posting on our forums.

We hope you will continue with us on this next journey into a new and evolved MOBA that we are making, developed along with the feedback we received from you. Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about your dedication!

We are happy to say that all players that have participated into Merc Elite will get an EXCLUSIVE skin in our new MOBA, only available to you and to distinguish you as a special Beta player of Merc Elite.

Stay tuned for more details on our new and upcoming MOBA – we’ll be sure you’ll be the first to know about our developments!

How long will the game remain open?

We will shut down the game on Thursday, August 21st at 2pm CEST (UCT+2) as well as the forums and any other Merc Elite related website. Unfortunately, there won’t be any further access to the live servers afterwards.

Can people still sign up to play?

Players will be able to play the Beta version of the game until the servers will be shut down at the above mentioned time.

What will happen with my old account?

Since we’re developing a completely new MOBA game, all accounts created in Merc Elite will not be functional for the new game, however, every Merc Elite player will be entitled to an exclusive skin for the new MOBA if you so choose. Please visit after shutdown on August 21st to receive a skin voucher code.

As a player who has spent money on the game: will I get a refund?

Yes! All players who have spent money on Merc Elite will receive a refund. We’ll reimburse all transactions made on Merc Elite with voucher codes which can be redeemed against game currency in all Bigpoint games as well as in our upcoming MOBA game. Those voucher codes are valid until February 28th 2015.

How can I get my voucher code?

In order to receive your voucher code, please contact our customer support via, log in and submit your refund request – please make sure that your e-mail address is up to date. As soon as customer support has verified your Merc Elite account, you’ll receive an answer containing the voucher code.

I was participating in the Merc Elite beta – will I receive any goodies at the new MOBA game?

Yes! All players who were a part of the Merc Elite beta will receive an exclusive Beta skin for our upcoming MOBA game. Simply visit after the shutdown on August 21st and receive a skin voucher code.




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