Master X Master Alpha starts soon

Master X Master Alpha starts soon

The first public test for MXM Alpha Playtest 1—begins Friday, June 24 at 10 am PDT / in both Europe & North America. There are multiple sites that are currently handing out keys for the game there is of course chance to get invited if you are subscribed to their newsletter here

While we’ve given out a lot of keys to your favorite streamers and content creators, we’ve also partnered with a few press sites for larger allocations. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but highlights the sites that have large allocations of keys. – Ncsoft

The MXM client is also available for download and install starting today. Get a head start on downloading before the test officially begins:



We ask that you please use the official forums for your feedback on Master balance, systems, and features. This is an early Alpha preview, and we expect there may be issues, localization bugs, and technical errors. Please help us by letting us know when you encounter any of these. While we’d appreciate your feedback being kept to the official forums, we also recommend participating in the /r/PlayMXM subreddit, as well as our officially partnered MXM wiki with Gamepedia.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on service stability and will be determining if any further key waves can be sent based on how well the servers and service holds up after our initial invite. You’ll want to follow us at PlayMXM on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch for news and updates regarding the potential for any further invite waves.

Also keep in mind that while an Alpha Playtest 1 key will allow you to post in our testers-only section of the official forums, you will need a new key for any future tests. The Alpha Playtest 1 keys only grant access to the game during this test, from June 24–27.


The MXM Alpha Playtest 1 is not under NDA, and if you’re able to get a key we invite you to stream, take screenshots, and talk about your experience freely.

We’ll also be hosting our own livestreams that will extend through most of the beta weekend. Join us June 22 for a pre-Alpha livestream where we’ll go over our expectations for the test and how you can help, and then all weekend long from June 24–26 as we host both official news streams, have special guests on like the game’s developers from Korea, as well just play along with you in a more casual setting.

Follow and watch at


If you have any questions or need help with common issues, please visit the official forums and join any similar discussions or troubleshooting threads. If you need official support, please visit the MXM support site for an FAQ and basic solutions. Please note that during this test we’ll only be offering basic support through tickets, and the majority of support will take place in the official MXM forums.




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