LoL Season 3 Championship Semifinals analysis

LoL Season 3 Championship Semifinals analysis


Not long now until the finals and boy have we got a treat!
In our first match of the day (4am GMT 28/09/2013)

SK telecom T1 versed off against NaJin Black Sword 

in a best of five series to decide who should get closer to the 1 million dollar ($1,000,000) grand prize and who should’ve spent more time practicing.

Analysis of the match
(Each game will have long & short analysis)

  • Round 1  – Long – A blue buff trade is all that comes out of an early invade and surprisingly in such a high caliber match is the only noteworthy thing that happens until Expression on Jax and Watch on Elise from NJS manage to catch Shen (Impact) out and get first blood, ruining his zero-death streak for the entire tournament. But Bengi shortly equalizes this by making huge plays on Lee Sin in the botlane.
    So far, SKT’s kills have went onto the support and the jungler- but NJS got their kills on the carry and the Toplaner. This can be dangerous as having kills on high dps champions is more important than having it on those who don’t deal quite so much damage or don’t scale too well into the late game.
    Two early, uncontested dragon’s are starting to know in NJS’s favour. Objective control is so key in these high level games.A fight in midlane could have went more in favour of NJS if they didn’t blow 2 ultimates with high disruption potential (Gragas and Leona) to kill the support of NJS. Bursting people down is important, but so is remembering that situations can easily change and you just might need your ultimate to survive.NJS realize that they have to stop the objective control of SKT. So they wait on Dragon for it to respawn and don’t let them get near the pit for a fight.
    Third dragon goes to NJS – uncontested.
    The first real “teamfight” of the game is started at Dragon- NJS manages to burst down Dragon and then engages on top of SKT, but they only manage to get 1 kill out of it.
    Nagne’s unofficial Quadra kill looks like it could seal the game for NJS, that teamfight just went so much in their favour and was a 4 for 2 trade.
    Njs can’t turn this into any objectives because of Bengi being such a strong Lee Sin and being able to defend turrets, though.
    NJS gets their third dragon and SKT does nothing about it.
    NJS manage to sneak a Baron away from SKT as they finally won the vision war in river which meant SKT didn’t know where they were and couldn’t stop them doing it.
    Leona and Jax let themselves get caught. Effectively wasting one of their Baron buffs (only Leona dies)
    NJS use Baron to push down the mid inhib and bot inhib turret, only losing Leona in the process.
    When NJS go back to base, SKT manage to sneak a dragon away from them.
    After taking the second Baron. NJS have nothing that can stop them from pushing down toplane and taking the inhibitor. A teamfight that goes so well in NJS’s favour (3 for 1) means that there is no one that can stop them rushing down the nexus turrets and winning the game.
    Round 1 goes to Najin Black Sword.
    ShortKeeping Shen down in the toplane was a great tactic by NJS to implement. It meant that the splitpushing Shen had to start a lot later than SKT would have liked as it would have given them more map pressure and global gold.
    Objective control was key in this game, uncontested dragon after uncontested dragon might have been the detriment to SKT. That combined with them not being in position to stop NJS doing Baron.
    Getting kills on higher priority targets is more important than simply getting kills- NJS proves this in this game.
    After the second free Baron buff is secured- so is the game. SKT cannot stop NJS pushing down their inhibitors or their nexus for the game.
  • Round 2LongAn early invade by NJS leads to absolutely nothing.
    SKT combo of Renekton and Lee Sin (Impact and Bengi) manage to outplay Pray and Cain to the point of giving two kills up for nothing. Pray thought he could get one more auto attack off onto Impact if he flashed but the red buff on bengi stopped him from gaining any significant distance of a Renekton – Overestimating his damage.
    Nagne stayed too long in the wrong place after getting very low trading with the enemy midlaner – allowing Bengi to pick up a kill for his Lee Sin.
    SKT are just powering through this game. They are securing turrets / pushing lanes after getting kills. Faker is roaming after getting his turret and securing the map pressure. Which nets his team two kills at the cost of 1.
    NJS try to compete for Dragon but SKT kills it and they manage to catch out Cain for an easy kill. Massive props to PoohManDu for his great hooks over the wall and using lantern to bring teammates over.

    SKT is catching NJS out by using traps. Such as making NJS think that they have caught someone out in a 2v1 just to reveal that someone was hiding in the bush- catching more and more kills to let them snowball.
    Poohmandu is making so many good plays- letting his team steal buffs for Faker (and away from Nagne!)
    SKT push down botlane and as soon as they destroy the turret they jump on NJS. Piglet on Vayne manages to get 3 kills (4 kills in total for SKT)
    This was partly because of brilliant tanking from Impact (toplane) and a fantastic ultimate from Faker on Orianna. SKT used this to destroy Bot inhib and then transitioned over to Baron to get an uncontested Baron.
    NJS doesn’t even try to stop them from pushing the top turrets. They are refusing to leave their base / inhib turrets.
    In the last game, Faker simply didn’t have enough damage to burst down champions.
    But with 3 kills and 7 assists at the 28 minute mark, his damage is unbeatable at this point.
    A midlane Dive secures them 3 kills and midlane turret. Impact flashed and stunned Pray to take advantage of him being out of position which let them secure the kill.
    There is no one to stop SKT push down the Nexus for the victory.
    Round 2 goes to SKT
    Short – SKT’s synergy in this game was top par. Last game, they suffered for not feeding Faker but the same cannot be said about this game. His roam was terrifying because it got his team so much global gold (in the form of getting kills, securing turrets) and allowed them to pressure so much more of the map than they would have been able to if it was not for Faker. Then using the mind games to catch out NJS just to further their lead until the decisive botlane dive which gave them a big enough lead to go for Baron and then engage the final push which won them the game.
  • Round 3 – LongBoth teams just lay some defensive wards, no invade.
    Great ward coverage stops any <5 minute ganks.
    A fight in the toplane breaks out, prompting Shen to try and teleport in to pick up some kills but Expession dives the bottom turret to interrupt the Stand united. Costing him his own life but saving more in the process.
    Because of Faker’s solo play in the midlane. NJS cannot afford to go towards Dragon and compete for it. So SKT get a free Dragon.
    The botlane mechanics in this game are impeccable. If it wasn’t for The roam by Watch and Nagne it would have only been 1 death on SKT’s side. The low-health kiting by both carries and the usage of CC from supports just goes to show how high level these games are.
    With this double roam, however. SKT push midlane and toplane out to the turrets. (managing to take top turret, but Mid remains at about a quarter hp)
    NJS manages to pick up a very safe Dragon.
    Using their champions abilities perfectly- NJS manage to pick up an important kill on Bengi (Aatrox) by knocking him back twice with Gragas ulti and Lee Sin Dragon’s Rage. NJS use the fact that SKT have split up to push down top turret, but in response. SKT rush the weak middle turret.
    Back and forth objective control is very prevalent in this game.
    Maybe a sign of over-commiting or just sheer respect for the escape potential that Impact has- but burning 3 ultimate’s simply to kill one person with no chance of team mates coming to rescue him (all other team members were visible in midlane) might be detrimental in later fights.
    SKT manage to pick up Dragon but due to what seems to be miscommunication, it costs them the death of one member at the dragon pit.
    NJS then start to pressure mid. And Nagne’s amazing Gragas plays allow him to kill Faker under turret and survive long enough to help kill Aatrox who came to help. (all in all. A 3 kills at the cost of Dragon).
    An extended siege lets NJS take top turret and blue buff for Nagne.
    Having a blue buff on Nagne (midlaner) and PraY (Corki, ADC) is such a power play. As both champs use a lot of mana for their kit.
    After killing Impact in botlane. NJS reacts to take bot turret before taking a very safe Dragon away from SKT.
    In the extended siege in midlane. Gragas misses his ultimate which shows to be a turning point in the fight. Faker times his engage perfectly with Aatrox’s revive coming back up- this disruption coupled with the mobility of Ahri lets them pick people off from the sides. Faker and Impact manage to kite A very tanky expession for the ace. (A total of 5 kills for 3) in SKT’s favour.
    In the next fight, however. All of the Area of effect CC that SKT has was used on low priority targets. And they simply do not focus enough damage on the high priority targets- allowing NJS to trade 5 for 1. After this fight, NJS takes Baron for free.
    The next fight NJS forces in base (with Baron buff still active) decides the game. They get 4 kills for the cost of nothing (leaving only PoohmanDu on support) which allows them to push the nexus turrets and the take the game.
    This fight was an excellent example of focusing the high DPS targets which keeping your own backline safe. Pray finished the fight with more than half health left  showing just how little pressure he had
    Round 3 goes to NJS
    Short This game is the perfect example of having the correct focus order and being able to kite and peel for your AD Carry is key to winning the game.
    Taking objectives when you see people are on the opposite side of the map or just after you kill a significant amount of enemy champions is what will eventually win you the game, not just having the kill advantage.
    Sometimes you will have to sacrifice your own life to save your teammates. Diving as Renekton undernearth turret to stop Shen’s stand united may have gotten him killed- but it also stopped the enemy team potentially getting 3 kills.
    Understanding buy timers (when is the best time to go back and buy items) and reactionary tactics went well into NJS’s favour. Always equalizing kills and always responding to one of their turrets going down by taking down one of the enemy turrets.
    In the end. It was great play by Gragas and Corki (Nagne  and Pray) that netted NJS the victory- however, that is not to say that everyone else in the team did not perform at an exceptionally high level- it is just, without those two. The game would have swung an entirely different direction.
  • Round 4Long – A late invade from SKT actually costs them the life of Bengi (jungler) at the cost of only a few summoner spells burnt by NJS. The kill going onto the AD carry is probably the last thing SKT wanted.
    Here’s hoping the delayed Jungle path by Lee Sin isn’t too detrimental.
    A small scuffle in the botlane results in just a few summoner spells being burnt- no actual kills taken yet.
    Pray overestimates his damage on Ezreal and goes in when Cain lands a Thresh hook on PoohMandu. And it looks like they’ll be able to pick up the kill when he accidentally cancels 3 auto attacks and then attacks one of her plants, then Corki  instead of attacking the very low health Zyra – giving SKT a double kill on the ADC for nothing.
    SKT, noticing that NJS is in no way in position for a dragon fight. Controls it and takes it for free.
    Piglet and Poohmandu dominate Pray and Cain in the botlane. Picking up another kill on Ezreal and burning Thresh’s flash, which proves to be his downfall as he needs it in a fight around bot turret later on.
    Thresh’s death signals the ability of SKT to take the bottom turret. As soon as the turret is taken NJS jump onto Corki bursting him down- but in the process. Lose 2 of their own. So SKT walk away with 3 kills for the cost of 1, as well as getting the turret.
    A low health midlane turret gets left unprotected by NJS and SKT take it for free… This is not the NJS we saw last game.
    A 2 for nothing trade in SKT’s favour lets them take top turret, as well as bot turret (because Faker was split-pushing)
    Due to the increased map pressure- they take a very easy Dragon. SKT is in a very dominant position right now.
    SKT siege down midlane and take the turret easily- and they stick in for diving mid turret.
    The hard engage from Renekton and Lee Sin signals the “go” for the high dps champs like Orianna and Corki to go in. They rip through the NJS squad with ease, killing 3 for the price of 1 immediately. However- Orianna on Faker gets a bit cocky and stays in the enemy base to try and pick off Elise- getting wildly outplayed and making it a 3 for 2 trade whilst only getting the mid inhibitor turret. After respawning, however- they manage to take the mid inhib and begin the fight at top inhib turret…
    NJS manage to hold off SKT for a while- but as soon as Cain gets caught out, SKT goes in for dive. Thresh dies almost immediately to the high damage output that SKT can provide. Absolutely destroying the squishy targets on NJS’s side.
    After taking both the turret and the inhibitor. They stand at having traded 4 kills for the price of 1- but can only take 1 nexus turret.
    It doesn’t matter, however- as NJS decide to surrender at 22:49. Taking this game to the very last match.
    Game 4 goes to SKT  
    Short – Even though SKT gave first blood to the enemy AD carry- they didn’t play scared in the botlane. They took a double kill for nothing in response to that which gave them a better lead overall. SKT’s objective control in this game was exceptional. If they saw that NJS was split up or out of position to control Dragon they would rush it immediately so that it was safe to take. Trusting their ability to dive and have their tanky members (Lee sin and Renekton) take the turret aggro whilst they destroyed the enemy champions.
  • Communication seemed either excellent on SKT’s side or diminished on NJS’s side. But the next match is what decides it all- the winner of round 5 will be given a place in the grand finals.
  • Round 5 – Long – A late invade from SKT nets them the blue buff steal and some offensive wards in the enemy jungle. This lets Impact take his own team’s blue buff not only to stop the very late steal from NJS, but also gives them extra dominance in the top lane.Even though NJS get’s the first blood against Impact. SKT respond to this (as there were 3 people top) by putting damage on mid turret and taking the first Dragon of the game for free.Following some aggression botlane, in which NJS picks up a kill against Poohmandu at the cost of some summoner spells. NJS takes advantage of this and makes a play toplane too, to mess with the voice communication of the team.
    Nocturne (Watch) and Shen (Expession) dive Jax under turret for an easy kill.
    Meanwhile, SKT are caught trying to push midlane.
    The turret is just about to go down when Shen teleports in on Ahri, causing her to hard engage onto Faker and Bengi.
    With Cain coming in from the side, Faker has to flash, but he realizes that he is going to die anyway so he just turns to fight- he ends up killing Ahri quite easily with a basic combo and ignite. And then shockwaves himself dealing massive damage to Shen and Thresh, allowing Lee Sin to pick up the two kills.
    So in the end, it was a 3 for 1 trade in SKT’s favour, allowing them to get middle turret and a free Dragon.
    With a lot of people dead on NJS’s side- Piglet realizes that he can take bottom turret with no one stopping him.
    With no one to defend it, tier 1 bot turret goes down quite easily to NJS’s push.SKT get an easy Dragon- Najin Black Sword is just not in position to compete for itA fight in botlane is initiated by Nocturne (Watch) diving in on Ezreal. But because of the peeling provided by SKT, Ezreal ends up safe; but the fight isn’t over.
    Poohmandu is caught by a charm, allowing NJS to burst him down quite easily; NJS looks all prepped to continue until a 3 man Shockwave rips through their backline. Prompting them to retreat and lose their tier 2 bot turret.
    Poohmandu did manage to get a stranglethorns out before he died, though- which did disrupt everyone on NJS long enough for SKT to react.
    After everyone has respawned, both teams go mid.
    NJS try to initiate the fight but they find themselves grouped together in a 4, which is exactly what Faker wants to see as an Orianna. A brilliant Shockwave once again rips through the NJS team completely stopping the offense from Pray, Expression, watch and Nagne.
    Watch is the first to die as he hasn’t really gotten a lot of defensive items at this point. He opted for an offensive Nocturne build.
    Faker’s shockwave allows SKT to ace NJS and destroy the nexus turrets for the victory.
    Round 5 and the Grand final space goes to SK Telecom T1  from Korea.
    ShortSKT’s early aggression gave them the edge as it gave them both blue buffs to start with. NJS, however. Manages to pick up a cheeky first blood against Impact- But SKT’s objective based mindset springs into action and immediately starts taking Dragon and forcing the jungler to come mid by damaging it.
    Whenever either team gets a kill- they are immediately thinking “What objectives can I take, what lane can I push?” This is the power-play mindset that separates these Semifinalists from those that didn’t quite make it out of group stage. What cost NJS the game was not coming out in top in the objective war and slowly letting SKT get the advantage in team fights. NJS gave up too many free Dragon’s and dedicated too many people to get a single kill and then didn’t pressure the nearest turret.

In these 5 matches, we were shown that objective control far outweighs the importance of kills. And understanding your champions perfectly is key to winning. Many times in these matches did people under / over estimate their damage which leads to bringing their team down a notch. SK Telecom T1 gets to hold their head up high and say they beat a team who has the same mindset as them (if they see 2-3 Champs in the top lane, they will rush Dragon, if they see people in botlane, they will do Baron) and it really let them get into the head of their opponents.
All in all, NJS and SKT played brilliant games of League. But sadly there can only be one winner.


Last but certainly not least was the match between

(held at 8pm GMT 28/09/2013)

Royal club versus Fnatic.

Where the team who were undoubtedly a destructive force in the group stages meets the winners of the Chinese Regional qualifiers. Both groups have certainly earned the right to be here but who desired it more?
Same rules as last match. Best of five series to determine who gets into finals for a shot at the beautiful trophy and the prize money.League of Legends Championship Series isn’t profitable — and Riot doesn’t care

Analysis of the match
(each game will have long and short analysis)

  • Round 1Long – Royal decide to invade Fnatic early but the only thing they get it out of it is a few burnt summoner spells on both sides. After this invade Royal gets first blood against Yellowstar playing Leona in the botlane. Fnatic manage to recover from a kill deficit. Managing to hold them off in fights; but Fnatic got outplayed at their own botlane tier 1 turret.
    Royal should have only gotten 1 kill and 1 turret out of the dive, however. Fnatic (particularly Cyanide and xPeke) try to outplay Royal and end up giving them 2 extra kills and an extra turret.
    Every single Dragon in the game was uncontested. Each team just seemed to “let” the other team get the global gold. Fnatic only got 1 of the Dragons in the game, Royal got the rest.
    On saying that. Every single Baron went to Royal. The first Baron Fnatic tried to contest ended up in them losing Baron and a few lives. Letting Royal push up the middle lane and get a map advantage.
    After this, they sieged until Baron respawned and got a free baron.
    With this baron, they pushed up botlane until eventually diving at the inhibitor turret and almost ace-ing Fnatic.
    Fnatic ended up surrendering after this fight at 29:08.
    Round 1 goes to Royal.
    Short – Understanding the limits of your champion and exactly what they are capable of is something Fnatic overlooked in this game. That, combined with the fact that Fnatic did not try to contest for a single dragon before giving Royal such a lead was detrimental. As well as the lack of Baron control gave Royal too much power to push through and win the game.
  • Round 2 – Long – Fnatic decide to invade Royal’s jungle early. They dive Bottom turret to get first blood but due to Royal’s position they couldn’t escape- and ended up trading 1 kill for 3 of their own.
    Even after this trade-off, they managed to play perfectly and recover quite well.
    Dragon pit saw a lot of action this game. The first Dragon was uncontested as Fnatic managed to kill it but the second Dragon was perfectly interrupted by Fnatic- They catch Royal with all of their hard cc and manage to get 4 kills for the price of 1. Whilst also picking up Dragon. The third Dragon of the game is picked up by Fnatic and shortly after Royal tries to force a fight- but after their Midlaner (Orianna) misses another Shockwave (will get onto that in a minute) and they spend the rest of their time trying to disengage.
    The first at Baron secures the victory for Royal. As Cyanide (Aatrox) tries to jump over the wall and steal Baron with his smite but he fails which leads to Royal taking the baron and pushing up midlane. When they get to the inhibitor turret they dive Fnatic and come out on top in kills. With the main threats of Fnatic dead Royal is able to kill the inhib and no one can stop them taking the Nexus.
    Round 2 goes to Royal.
    ShortFnatic failed to realize which kills to go for and which ones to not go for. Even though the mid game. It seems that a lack of communication on Fnatic’s side costs them the game. Too many times one person would try to go in to pull off a play but no one else would follow up with them, giving Royal too many free kills and a free Baron.
    This free Baron enables Royal to push up the midlane and win the game.
  • Round 3 – LongAn early invade from Royal only manages to successfully secure some summoner spells burnt on both sides and Cyanide (on Aatrox) losing his passive.
    Fnatic manage to secure first blood and this lets them snowball a minor advantage and get the first Dragon of the game.
    A big flaw Fnatic made in this game was not securing objectives after killing Royal members. They would either go back immediately and spend their gold or just go into the jungle and farm.
    However, Fnatic’s performance makes up for that.
    Notably- Fnatic manage to get 15 kills before Royal can get a single one in return. (On Uzi. For that matter!)
    Fnatic secure first Dragon and every dragon after the second one for free. Royal just stop competing for objectives after looking at Fnatic’s massive kill lead.
    Royal decide to try and set a trap for Fnatic just outside the Baron pit. However- Zac springs the trap on Fnatic’s side which gives him enough time to pop his ultimate and knock everybody up. xPeke uses him as a ball delivery system to get a 4 man Shockwave which basically ensures the teamfight victory for FNC.
    After this victory, Fnatic secure Baron and push up mid lane- and by this time; Royal have respawned and are dove trying to protect their turret essentially acing Royal.
    Royal surrender at 32:30.
    Round 3 goes to Fnatic.
    Short – Although Fnatic were failing to pick up objectives after killing Royal members, the sheer number of kills they had over Royal was too much for them to deal with. Royal tried, more than once to lead Fnatic into a trap on their terms which would negate their kill advantage but it just never happened. Either they would catch the tankiest member of Fnatic or Fnatic just wouldn’t go near it.
    After an amazing 4 man shockwave from xpeke, Fnatic take Baron and push up midlane for the win.

  • Round 4Long – An early invade from Royal leads to only summoner spells being burnt from Yellowstar, so not much was gained there.
    Fnatic gets first blood against Tabe in the midlane (lane swap) However, this doesn’t make up for them making a huge misplay (Or, great play by Lucky (on Elise) Which allowed Royal to gain 2 kills and start their comeback on Fnatic’s small lead. Dragon pit see’s a lot of action in the early / midgame but after that the Dragon’s become uncontested.
    Royal manages to secure first Dragon which breaks out into a small teamfight leading to a 1 for 1 trade- Both teams disengage after this.
    Nothing really noteworthy happens until the Dragon respawns which goes to Royal uncontested due to Fnatic’s bad positioning around Dragon’s spawn time.
    A good example of “overstaying your welcome” met Royal where after staying too long, they are caught out 1 by one by successive chains of CC and slowly killed off by Fnatic- surrendering the lead they gained by Dragon’s.
    Tabe on Annie performed an amazing Dragon steal by Flashing then using tibbers, locking up the tanks of Fnatic.
    However, Fnatic managed to turn it round (great props to Cyanide) by catching out the high dps targets and keeping them away from the combat whilst they burst down everyone else- and chaining their CC together exceptionally well.
    I can’t stop seeing Cyanide pull off amazing plays, not too long after this Dragon fight he manages to catch 3 people in his Cataclysm and allow xpeke to get a triple kill at mid- which leads to them getting the turret and securing map pressure.
    After this, Royal started to make a move on Baron when they respawned- setting a trap for Fnatic. However- it didn’t work out too well for them. J4 and Varus managed to Fnatic the ace by showing just how quickly they can react to being caught out. Giving Varus the quadra kill gave him quite an advantage over the enemy ADC- however, this match will show the strength of Objective control versus kills.
    Great play by Caitlyn at that baron fight, though. She managed to get a triple kill due to her amazing kiting which would have made the fight a 5 for 0 rather than a 5 for 3.
    Fnatic, however- fall for the same trick in their jungle. But do not manage to react as fast as they are too spread out to help effectively. A 5 for 3 trade in Royal’s favour shows that they are the powerhouse even when they are so many kills behind.
    Caitlyn and Elise push the midlane, securing inhib.Fnatic get the fifth dragon, uncontested.Teamfight at Baron goes in Royal’s favour after they let Varus get caught out of position and die too easily, Cyanide tries to get over the wall using J4’s E – Q combo to steal Baro but only succeeds in giving the enemies a kill.I’d just like to point out here that Fnatics lack of control over Uzi effectively cost them this Baron. No damage was put onto the enemy ADC which is basically signing their own death warrant.6th Dragon goes to Royal. Uncontested.
    Royal really only use Baron to push every lane up to the turrets, and after a bad play by Yellowstar in which he was 5 steps ahead of his team lets Royal secure two inhibs for free (bot and mid)
    Not a lot of teams come back from 2 inhibs going down.

An uncontested Baron goes to Royal as Fnatic have to defend their base from waves of super minions.
Royal’s last fight of the game is signed by them  being able to catch out the high dps champs out of position and burst them down immediately. There is no one with high enough damage to even stop Royal pushing down the nexus for the victory.
Round 4 and the Grand final spot goes to Royal Club from China.
Short – The last game of the day shows us both teams competing for every objective at every turn. If Fnatic killed a turret, Royal would kill one in return. Every kill was equalized in one form or another. Royal can play the game from a disadvantage perfectly- they can immediately change their game style to suit what position they are in and they show it in this game.
Having the nerve to pull off such sweet plays (the flash-tibbers from Tabe) simply for the Dragon control might have been what turned this around for Royal. They never played scared, not even for a moment.
Letting their high dps champs get caught out was to Fnatic’s detriment. This happened too many times, as well as their tendency to go into baron pit alone to try and steal Baron
– all it did was give Royal another kill.
After securing 2 Baron’s quite easily. Royal push down all the inhibitors shortly followed by the Nexus.
Royal club will be facing off against SK Telecom T1 in the Grand finals and I can happily say that from the performance of both teams I am looking forward to this.
Royal club showed here in this game that getting consecutive objectives secured gives a better advantage than getting most of your money through kills.
Getting turrets / inhibs after you get a few kills is always the better way to go.
Tune in in a months time (05/10/2013 (DD/MM/YY). 4am GMT) for…

Grand Finals!


This will certainly be a game to remember. Both groups run very objective-based teams and have high mobility, high burst. I look forward to seeing a lot of fights in the jungle and a lot of fights at Dragon / Baron pit as they both understand how bad of a situation you put yourself into if you don’t defend these objectives.
Turret defence will be key too. As these are both teams who love to get early aggression on turrets.


Aydin has been following competetive League of Legends since before Season 1. He loves playing support, and longs for the day when Heimerdinger will make his LCS debut.

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