LoL Season 3 Championship – Quarter & Semifinal Schedule

LoL Season 3 Championship – Quarterfinals & Semifinal Schedule

.There is no better way to start the week off, than with more of the intense action that teams from all over the world delivered in the Group Stage. With the match – ups for Quarter Finals being drawn just after the it, the time for preparations and adjustments was less than ideal. On the positive side Riot has decided to improve the experience for European audiences by switching up the schedule so we can watch our representative`s matches in a more convenient time frame. Games will be a Best of 3.





Match Date PDT CEST
C9 vs. Fnatic 23-Sep-2013 (Americas, Europe,Africa) | 24-Sep-2013 (Asia,Australia) 12:00 PM 9:00 PM
NJB vs. GMB 23-Sep-2013 (Americas, Europe,Africa) | 24-Sep-2013 (Asia,Australia) 4:00 PM 1:00 AM


Match Date PDT CEST
GAM vs. SKT 24-Sep-2013 (Americas, Europe,Africa) | 25-Sep-2013 (Asia,Australia) 7:00 PM 4:00 AM
RC vs. OMG 24-Sep-2013 (Americas, Europe,Africa) | 25-Sep-2013 (Asia,Australia) 10:00 PM 7:00 AM


     After the dispute between the 8 remaining teams is settled the tournament will go into its “final stage” where matches will be more serious than ever, that`s why the Semi Finals will be Best of 5 games. At this point the top 4 teams will be clear to all of us and as far as moral victories go there will be no losers, making it to top 4 World is an outstanding achievement by itself.




Match Date PDT CEST
TBD vs. TBD 27-Sep-2013 (Americas) | 28-Sep-2013 (Europe,Africa,Asia,Australia) 8:00 PM 5:00 AM
TBD vs. TBD 28-Sep-2013 (Americas, Europe,Africa) | 29-Sep-2013 (Asia,Australia) 12:00 PM 9:00 AM

     Considering how great of a show the Group Stage provided we can only expect improvement towards an “Epic” Bo5 series with the main concern being – can the other regions take a stand against Asians or did their chances of winning World Championship ended when the likes of Faker stepped into the fray?

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