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Hello, my name is Sugiknight or also known as SugiStyle. During this course of Classes ill be teaching you about important stuff about League Of Legends. These guides will be focusing around what can you improve on outside the game and inside the game. While i won’t be going around the extreme basics such as last hitting etc. (In Built League Tutorial does enough usually in that matter). I want to mainly teach advanced tricks, which you can implant easily to your gameplay and improve your chance of winning.

I will update this guide since ill be adding frequently more classes to this series over time. Last time updated 27.3.2014


Class One: Champion Pools (冠军池)

When you start playing League Of Legends its very important to pick few characters around certain role to master. There is practically Four different types of players in League of Legends when it comes to champion pools which are the following;

  • Flavor Riders – These guys pretty much just ride everything that is OP and will instalock it if they have the chance. They aren’t necessarily great players they just happen to abuse meta a lot, they usually aren’t that great mechanically or aren’t very analytical either. These guys also have most changes in their elo during the seasons due range of nerfs to their champions they play. Usually they climb up to platinum maybe and then fall pretty hard from there, because once they get out-drafted they are pretty useless.
  • One Trick Ponies – These guys only oppose threat with one to two champions in the game, if they don’t get one of these two they are absolutely harmless. I think great example is Scarra (Former Dignitas midlaner) who opposed threat only with Gragas, once that was banned he didn’t have very high impact on the games. Depending how unorthodox or orthodox champions they play will affect their performance a lot. In case their go to go champion would get nerfed/banned these guys would be in trouble.
  • Solid Jack’s – These people are guys who have picked certain role like jungler and spam to 4-5 champions in that role. This is pretty much what LCS players are 90% time. They took their time to master few within their role to climb up elo, by having +5 champions you never can get outbanned/outpicked which always enables you to pick really good champion, which you have decent performance. These are the players that perform best in SoloQue and are the people you should look up to. Usually when one of their champions gets nerfed or falls of the meta they just pick another champion to that role, which enables them to stay relevant to the game.
  • Jack Of All Trades – These guys (me included) are people who love diversity and try to mainly counter-pick all the time in draft. Being Jack Of All trades will take immensely more time than any other of previously mentioned types, since you have to learn each champion what they do and what are their limits. These players are also very familiar with Lane match-ups and probably in most cases counter pick or just safe pick in those lanes. While versatility is ideal in soloque, that might also mean you aren’t necessarily mastering certain champions to a level where they might needed to be. I think one really good example would be Pr0lly he can play pretty much everything, but isn’t necessarily a grand master with the champs he plays with. Also some people probably remember Wh1tezz former player who used to have very big midlane champ pool, who specialized in counter-picking his opponents.

Like i mentioned you want to be the “Solid Jack” and thats where you should aim at. Pick certain role which fits to your playstyle and start using the champions on that specific role. Then expand that pool to 4-7 champions try to include few flavor of the months, but pick 1-3 oddball champions that have really low ban-rate and but are still really viable choices, these champions you can always pick and maybe surprise the enemy on the match-up they aren’t familiar with. Once the balance changes occur try to twist the pool a bit, if required.

Check out Youtube Version of the guide herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPKIuGTZvuU


Class Two: Advanced Warding (高级守护)

While warding may seem like really simple thing “Just throw ward where the enemy jungle comes from”. It’s not really simple as that…one thing that higher elo players do is that they can take time and calculate when wards are going to end and when you need to go to ward, is it after lane is pushed or other way around. One thing that i’m going explain in this part is “Safe Warding” this term pretty much means; reducing the risk while warding certain spots in the game. The Spots which ive demonstrated on the video are just few of many important ways to safe ward.

Few Important Warding Tips

  • Remember to count how long your wards last and try to also remember when your enemies wards end.
  • Try to throw Pink Wards to spots where people don’t usually walk from.
  • If your midlaner or toplaner has teleport try to place wards behind enemy lines so to speak or place where they can flank them.
  • As support vision is more important than stacking AP items. Vision wins games, not some cheap ass AP damage from support.
  • Remember to upgrade your ward trinket with gold on late game (Lot of people don’t remember to do that)

Check out Youtube Version of the guide here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTukcqzFESc


Class Three: Summoner Spells (召唤师技能)

This will be more simpler stuff than in my previous classes. Summoner spells are something that define your gameplay and playstyle to certain extent. While most people know when to pick each spell, there is sometimes situations that may require other measures.

Check out Youtube Version of the guide here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3nbDFLBGU8



Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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