League of Legends – Syndra Guide


League of Legends – Syndra Guide

Hello all, it’s been a little bit slow for me with news due to the Season ending and me working to hit my goal of at least Platinum this season in Solo Queue, which I accomplished (WOO). I am here to join in this craze of guides for League of Legends champions. Starting with one of my favorites.


  • Very high damage
  • Good poke
  • 2 good Crowd control options
  • Can punish most assassins if played well


  • Mechanically demanding
  • Scatter the Weak(E) can make or break you surviving an engagement
  • Mana hungry

Summoner Spells

Ignite 64px-Barrier Teleport Flash

Now these are all about playstyle, I play very aggresive in mid lane, so I typically run Flash and Ignite, but Teleport suits many other people, so it is all about preference.


Syndra best uses the typical AP mid mastery page, some people may have some variations but this is what I use to best effectiveness.

syndra masteries

Some people do not take Butcher in Offense but it helps a great deal with last hitting as some AP champions with the increased damage for auto attacks.


There are 2 different rune pages I use depending on the type of AP mid I play. Am I going to play this laning phase safely? Then I will use

AP mid standard

Good offense and defense balance with no outright weaknesses except a lower amount of AP to start with. Or my second rune page:

ap penetration

No AP aside from masteries but a very high amount of Magic Penetration which works very well with high burst champions such as Ahri, Orianna, Lux, and of course Syndra.

Item Builds

syndra items

Syndra is an all in burst champion, so maximizing Spell Penetration is key. People may be confused with Liandry’s Torment, all of Syndra’s abilities combined together make her a nightmare to try to get close to. Very low CD harass combined with long range poke and potent AoE slows and stuns, properly aimed skillshots can whittle down the enemy team.


Transcendent Passive: Transcendant

A simple passive, Syndra’s abilities become more powerful at Rank 5.

Dark Sphere(Q) deals 15% bonus damage to champions

Force of Will(W) the slow duration is increased by 33%

Scatter the Weak(E) the skill shot cone is widened by 50%

Unleashed Power(R) range is increased by 75


Dark Sphere(Q)

Her bread and butter ability. Your main harass tool in lane, and also good for last hitting but it shoves the lane. The orbs linger for 6 seconds to be manipulated by her other abilities. Very low CD and very low in mana cost until rank 5, almost as low as Karthus’ Lay Waste ability. So Doran’s Rings come in handy early game as you’re refunded a good percentage of the mana cost. Maximize this skill first to maintain harassment.


Force of Will(W)

A fun ability to use, Syndra can pick up any¬† orb, enemy minion, jungle monsters smaller than Dragon, or creature summoned by an enemy champion (Heimerdinger Turrets, Tibbers, Shaco’s Jack in the Boxes, and Yorick’s Ghouls). After using the first of the abilitiy to pick up an enemy or orb, it must be acivated again and aimed to throw to create an impact, slowing any enemies in the area hit.


Picking up Tibbers will make it so Tibbers cannot attack you, but his flame aura is still active and will hurt you. The same thing happens with Shaco’s Jack in the Box, if it is picked up while it is arming, you can be feared by it.

Tossing an orb into Fog of War/Brush gives vision for a second where it impacted, so use this to never face check a bush that is not warded.

If you need to shove the lane into the enemy, wait for a cannon minion creep wave, kill the small minions, and use Force of Will to pick up the cannon minion, forcing your wave into the enemies tower, denying the enemy mid of farm or taking too much damage from the minion wave.


Scatter the Weak(E)

You MUST learn the aiming of this skill to separate yourself from a bad Syndra player. By itself Scatter the Weak is just a knockback which is great for disengaging a gank or a bad fight in general. When used with an orb and the orb strikes an enemy, it will stun them for 1.5 seconds, great initiation tool. The best tip I can give for applying the stun as much as possible, try to use the center of the cone for aiming, so you’ll always know that straight line that it will fly out, and the stun is easier to aim. Late game when you have multiple orbs on the battlefield, aiming is not as much of an issue because you will most likely stun the entire enemy team, or at least a few members.


Enemies hit in fog of war with an orb knocked away by Scatter the Weak will be revealed for the duration they are stunned.

You can throw off enemies with a very quick combination of Force of Will and Scatter the Weak. If you Force of Will toss an orb the enemy will think you’re just going for a slow, but you can hit Scatter the Weak while the orb is in mid-air and send it at them for a stun. (My testing has led me to believe this will slightly increase the range of the orb stun.)


Unleashed Power(R)

A very simple to use ultimate, it is a targeted ability, but the damage is determined by how many orbs are out at one time which at max with full CDR is 7 orbs. Each orb does individual damage but the burst damage of this ability is on par with Leblanc’s Mimic, Lux’s Laser Combo, or Veigar’s Primordial Burst combo. Primarily use this on the enemy ADC to take them out of the fight as fast as possible.

Aside from going into individual matchups, this guide is a basis on how to get started when it comes to playing Syndra, she is a relatively safe laner with very high damage, most matchups against assassins are typically a skill match up, aside from Talon who it is very hard to counter harass for most squishy AP mids.


RyjinX is a enthusiast of gaming all-around, with a primary focus on MOBAs and RPGS. He is an avid League of Legends player and follows the competitive scene to a T. Loves Mega Man.

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