League of Legends Season 4 Promotion Preview


League of Legends Season 4 Promotion Preview

Hello all, the NA Season is starting once again so I will be writing a lot more here at MobaMonster! This weekend we see the “official” start of Season 4 with the Challenger Group for the NA LCS Promotion. This weekend there is a round robin between 6 teams to determine who will face the previously relegated Season 3 LCS teams. The top 3 teams in the round robin stage at the end of the weekend will determine who moves on.

The 6 Challenger League teams that will be competing this weekend are:

MLG Anaheim 2013

TBDlogo_stdTo Be Determined

PAX 2013 

Complexitylogo_stdcompLexity Gaming

Well Played Qualifier #1 

COGlogo_stdCOGnitive Gaming

Well Played Qualifier #2

Quantic_stdQuantic Gaming

Twzlogo_stdThe Walking Zed

VVvlogo_stdvVv Gaming

All of these teams earned their spot into the LCS 2014 Spring Promotion by winning at their respective events. I’ll go into their backgrounds a little bit to shed some light.



Top|Westrice Jungle|Brokenshard Mid|Arthelon AD|ROBERTxLEE Support|Bubbadub

TBD was formed earlier this year with the main roster of FXOpen e-Sports leaving their organization and forming TBD. There were a few roster changes such as founding members Zekent, TrickZ (currently without a team after playing with CLG most recently), and NydusHerMain. The team’s heavy hitters are ROBERTxLEE as Marksman and Westrice as their Top. They placed 3/4th in the Spring Promotional Qualifier which did not place them into the Spring Promotion, but their previous performance during the summer at MLG Anaheim allowed them to qualify for the Spring Promotion as a team, beating teams like compLexity and Curse Academy.

Prediction: I see TBD placing as a top 3 team to face one of the LCS teams.



Megazero|Top Chuuper|AD MeyeA|Support Aniratak?|Mid ???|Jungle

Complexity’s story is already well known. Very popular team during the 2013 Spring LCS, star top player Megazero, and good synergy. Although their most recent roster changes are worrysome. Lautemortis stepped down from being their captain/jungle/shot caller, so their jungle position is open until we see them play tomorrow. PR0lly just recently left their team as the mid lane player so Aniratak should be their starting mid. It’s hard to say how they will fare this weekend with so many changes happening so recently.

Prediction: With so many changes I don’t see them qualifying for the Spring Split in 2014.



iDream|Top Captain Ziploc|Jungle Zamphira|Mid nothinghere|AD Zaineking|Support

Cognitive is the reforming of Wazabi Gaming which formed this year with their major events being the Mobafire Championship Series and the Well Played Qualifiers. Many of their players are high Diamond I to Challenger bracket players with some being substitutes for well known teams. Nothinghere performing very well in the Spring Promotion Qualifier at PAX Prime back in September, is also a sub for Velocity eSports. Along with Zamphira subbing for Team Dignitas.

Prediction: Cognitive getting knocked out unfortunately.


Apple|Top Prime|Jungle SuNo|Mid Locodoco|AD Gunza|Support

The most favored of the non LCS teams going into the promotion. With their reformed roster of all Korean players and some with extensive professional LoL experience, their skill level is believed to be higher than the other round robin teams. With Locodoco and SuNo both having semi-successful careers in Korea and presumably taking leadership roles on the team, it’s easy to tell how much they’ve evolved since first coming into the NA scene, such as playing in a tournament with pre-level 30 accounts.

Prediction: Quantic moves on to face an LCS team.



Yazuki|Top KOR Kez|Jungle Bischu|Mid bobbyhankhill|AD NydusHerMain|Support

A completely new team that was just formed November of this year that qualifier for the spring promotion during the Well Played Qualifiers. Their main hitter is Bischu who is arguably one of the most talented mid players in the world reaching Diamond I/Challenger on NA and Korean servers with excellent Nidalee play, but he has expanded his champion pool. Nydus is another player who has maintained being at Challenger level for the better part of Season 3, landing a substitute spot on Counter Logic Gaming, but also in the past playing for To Be Determined and Curse Academy.

Prediction: The Walking Zed moves on.



Get Snuggled|Top PorpoisePops|Jungle CheesdBeluga|Mid Tails|AD Godshu|Support

Another fresh faced team with the roster of acquired team, Team VEX. There is not much to see of this team aside from their matches in the Well Played Qualifiers where they previously beat teams such as Team LoLPro, and have had good success in scrims with teams of TSM caliber. So I look forward to seeing them in a more, let’s say hungry pool of teams to make their way into the LCS.

Prediction: I believe they have a good shot to get in, but I want to see them play against TBD.

The schedule can be located on the LoL ESports web page:

na promotion schedule

As I stated before the Top 3 teams over this weekend will go on to be chosen by the 3 LCS teams that will be playing later this month, Team Curse, Team Coast, and Team Velocity. Curse having the first pick of the 3 qualifiers, Coast 2nd, and Velocity 3rd. The main issue with these 3 teams right now is Curse has had a few roster changes with Saintvicious retiring to become the team’s coach, and Velocity does NOT have a currently known about Active roster, with rumors circulating around such as Krepo and Snoopeh possibly joining the team, but we will have to wait and see until tomorrow. I am very excited.



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