A Way to Generate RP Free

League Of Legends – RP Hack

This is by far the best super RP Hack that will grant you unlimited amount of Riot Points with single click! Really? No. I see these scams everyday on Youtube and websites where they ask people to give either their usernames/passwords, credit cards or force you to pay for the program that will generate RP to your account.

You probably already know this is not possible. There are multiple scammers trying to make people believe the generators or hacks are true. They may talk about Secret algorithms or Hex coding or even about their dad working at Riot. Paypal, Paysafecard and Credit cards aren’t protected by such weak systems that would allow people to bypass the verifications.

How to notice when your being scammed?

  • You are asked to insert your credit card information
  • You’re asked to fill survey (They will get money from completed surveys)
  • There is field which requires your summoner name or password
  • You have to give money to get access to the program or hack.

When you think of it through, if i were to design RP Hack i wouldn’t probably give it around to all people, since Riot would notice missing numbers or shady activity and they would create counter-mechanics to the hack. Lot of scammers talk about different methods breaking riots security, but it isn’t that easy as people make you believe. Real scammers wouldn’t be focusing on game like League Of Legends, rather focus on real bank accounts or PayPal account hacking.

What About IP hacks?

Even when we are not talking about real money currency here, IP hacks (Influence Points) are the same thing, there is no way to cheat the client or way to hack your own numbers. Only riot Staff can do that (Add IP/RP to your account). So, yes IP hack is same as RP, its a scam.

Best Method to Buy Cheap RP?

Although there is a way to get RP Cheap. This involves buying and some investing. So as many people probably know, real life currencies aren’t same in EU/NA/KR/TR/RU, which means 1000 RP in EU might cost 10€ while in US that could be 10$ (Dollars are much cheaper than euros, these numbers aren’t real though).

But there is few loopholes to this, this being one. At the moment you are able to transfer to Russia for Free and Turkey (In some cases) This will cost you ZERO RP Currently. What you can do is use PayPal or bank account to buy RP from this region and then transfer back to your original region. Good example being Turkey, i bought around 6600 RP for 25€ this would have cost be 35€ in EU. So i got around 25-35% discount compared to EU price. So practically you have to buy 2600 RP transfer, but if you want to buy large amount of RP lets say 10,000 RP it would be much advised to do a server switch and then switch back, you would save money long as you bought Much Riot Points (RP).

These numbers do change based on the real currency values over the world (I suggest using http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ for checking out the rates and count what is beneficiary and what is not).

There is also other benefits for transferring to different regions, such as in Brazil you get Free Woad Ashe (Includes the champion), in Turkey you get Bandit Sivir (Includes the champion) these both are Facebook Exclusives (The codes only work on specific regions). Also when i transferred to Russia i received Sejuani, Volibear and Caitlyn with Skins. These 3 alone already worth more than the transfer.

Hopefully this information was useful for people who wanted to get RP Bit cheaper or just weren’t sure whatever to trust RP Hacks and IP Hacks. If you have any questions leave them below, i will happily answer them.



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