League Of Legends – Power Leveling

League Of Legends – Power Leveling

Riot has been changing the experience and IP Gains quite a lot in the past, which has changed ways of Power Leveling same time. This is my 3rd Power Leveling guide i have made, since Riot doesn’t seem to like if people Power Level their accounts to level 30, although they probably get some money out of that so i don’t see why they would hate it so much. Nonetheless, before patch 3.15 you could Power level in Twisted Treeline in Bot games alone, this has been changed and won’t be affective. Now you have to actually play real games instead of custom ones. Nonetheless its fastest way to Level to 30 in League of legends at the moment.

What Do I Need To Do, Before the Actual Game?

  • Choose Co-op Vs. AI (Twisted Treeline + Intermediate Bots)
  • Get Two friends to play with you to make things go faster.
  • Buy Experience Boost, either Win-based or Time-based, they will stack with each other (Last time i checked), so if it isn’t money issue buy both.
  • Buy a Champion that can end the games in 7 minutes, such as like Master Yi, Nunu or even AP Janna.
  • You can also buy Time-based IP boost (Optional)

Once you have prepared for the actual game the rest is pretty simple stuff. While in very early levels you will have some trouble due lack of Summoner Spells, Runes and Masteries also. The Higher you progress the easier it will get, also you have to pray that there is good Free-Rotation thing also going on for ya.

Inside the Game

  1. Buy Red Elixir, +5 Health Pots, +4 Mana Pots (Do Not Consume Elixir before minions show up).
  2. Pick Up Smite + Teleport. Heal is also very good option these days.
  3. Go Tri-lane the botlane and wait around the brush or you can even creep-skip and clear the wave and let your own wave come to the turret and damage it. The Bots won’t shift from toplane until you have reached to inhibitor.
  4. Kill the bot who comes to your lane and keep pushing to the base without teleporting back.
  5. Destroy the inhibitor and this part is probably when you want to head back to base and re-fuel your Elixir or buy another Doran’s Blade.
  6. Teleport back to their base and end the game, but do not end the game before 7 minutes has passed.
  7. You have won the game and gotten lot of experience, now just repeat the thing.

Power Leveling Champions

Just to list few good suggestions and combos what make things bit easier on the early levels. These things haven’t been tested, but i think they might be fitting and cost-efficient champions to buy.

Master Yi – Best champion for power leveling; has great wave-clear, great attack speed and self heal. This should be your number one choice for Power leveling. Only costs 450 IP

Nunu – while may not have best wave-clear, has really great attack speed buff and he can regain health by eating minions. Only costs 450 IP

Ashe – With mana potions your able to spam your Volley quite a lot, may not be the best terms of pushing, but still OK due, she only costs 450 IP

Jinx – She is very faster pusher with her Minigun, which makes her most optimal pusher probably in the game, only problem is that you have to buy her with RP probably. Costs 6300 IP.

Janna – Very good wave clearer with her (Q) also can grant Shield that gives attack damage buff, which makes things go bit faster. Only costs 1350 IP

Chogath – Probably greatest wave clear in the game since he has three abilities which deal AoE Damage, ultimate might be useless but still great choice. Only costs 1350 IP

Garen – Has decent wave clear with his spin, you have to max it though. Also his (Q) can be quite effective taking turrets bit faster. Only costs 450 IP.

Jax – Due to his passive he can have pretty easy time taking turrets, although he doesn’t have anything else but attack speed steroid pretty much. Only costs 1350 IP.

 If you have any questions regarding the power leveling, please leave them below. Note; Some people like to level up in the beginner tutorial (Summoners Rift), but you cannot do that with friends, also i’m not 100% sure is that faster way than this at the moment.



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