League Of Legends – Lee Sin Mid Guide

League Of Legends – Lee Sin Mid Guide

Hi, its been while since my champion guide and this time i’m having Lee Sin Mid guide to teach you guys. Lee Sin is probably most favorite champion for many players in this game and so it is for me as well. Back in Season 2 some Korean picked it up, i think it was Ambition? After that Froggen picked it up and made it popular on western scene and solo Que. Shortly after that Lee sin got his (W) range nerfed and (W2) lost lot of lifesteal bonus and lot of his damages were nerfed overall, this made him unpopular for short while, until he got played in the jungle again. You might have seen few Lee Sin Mid Guide’s at other sites, but mine is bit different probably.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Versatile Build Choices (Flexible Counter Options)

+ Almost Ungankable in Mid lane due Ward Trinket

+ Very Strong early and late game.

+ Element Of Surprise (People usually don’t expect Lee being played at Mid)

– Being Melee might deny you some farm

–  Relatively Squishy

– Not always the best option for teamfight comps (best at 1v1 match-ups)


In a Sense you could put masteries to defense tree, but this is not best idea in my opinion since your going to lack damage to kill your opponent on lane or in teamfights. So what i usually use is 25-5-0 i think this is the best optimal choice for AD carries and Marksman. I took the block masteries so i would take less damage during laning phase for heavy poke by ranged Champions, also i think +5% MR/ARMOR is very great talent, it may be small but since you are likely to build Maw Of Malmortius or Guardian Angel it will give a small scaling. As for Offense tree i don’t have to explain this a lot, i feel Expose Weakness and Double-edged sword are shit masteries and in the end are relatively useless, that is why i took 3/4 to Cooldown Reduction, 1-2 seconds out of your ultimate can be decisive. I wouldn’t put points to utility since i do not feel it will give that great benefit for Lee, since he is already mobile and he don’t need mana stuff.



I only 3 rune sets for all my champions and to be honest i wouldn’t need really 4th one, unless i wanted to make one for Veigar (That would be Mpen build). Practically i have one Critical Quint, but that can be swapped to lifesteal one (Unless you love RNG). Then we got Physical reds, these are pretty standard since Armor penetration ones are pretty much weaker early game and i like that Lee Sin scales (AD) from 3 spells so. Yellow’s should be Armor or Armor per level (This is good option against AP Mid, but minions will deal more damage to you and auto attacks).  Magic Resist per level or Flats, i usually always play without flats, since Doran’s Shield gives you sustain enough early. Once you hit level 8 you have more Magic resist than u would have with flats so, i think thats pretty good deal. You can take AD quints as well, but i feel Lifesteal ones give you much better laning phase.


Item Builds & Choices

Like i mentioned on my bullet points, Lee Sin is extremely versatile when it comes to Item Choices, there is probably 20 items that can fit him very well and are very good options. As for starting items, 90% of the cases you should go with Dorans Shield, against really weak Squishy midlaner i would take Dorans blade, if you can kill him really early (Veigar/TF). The Ward Trinket is mandatory as i stated on the video also 1 potion of course. Against really heavy AP Damage teams with tons of CC, you should buy Maw Of Malmortius and Spirit Visage, if you are taking cleanse as spell do not build Mercurial Scimitar then, usually barrier is great choice with scimitar. Black Cleaver is mandatory item in every build since its very easy to stack it up with Lee due his passive and multiple abilities. Trinity is extremely good for splitpushing and you get sheen stack all the time due 7 spells of Lee. Botrk is imo best for 1v1 and increases your chances to run or catch someone. Last Whisper and bloodthirster are for absolute full AD builds, which make you mega squishy but someone who can do 1,2k damage with only ultimate.


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