League Of Legends – Gangplank Guide

League Of Legends – Gangplank Guide

Hello, folks and salty sea-dogs its time for another guide and this time it will be Gangplank, which will be played in midlane hence the name Midplank. Back in season 2 he was popular and banned champion, but since new champions have surfaced he has fallen under the meta-game and hasn’t been played at all, well to be honest hes perfect midlaner for certain team-comps.

I Recommend watching the video, where i will explain lot of important stuff like how crits and sheen work. Also lane match-ups and stuff like that, which i didn’t write on this guide.


  • Very safe laning phase due (W), dem oranges…
  • Excellent gold gain due avarice blade & parley passive
  • Versatile Build
  • Extremely good base movement speed & (E) passive/active.
  • Global Ultimate good for helping team or clearing waves.


  • Lacks reliable AoE damage (Unless you go for ravenous hydra)
  • Squishy
  • No Gapcloser
  • Relying in able to Critical strike with Parley

Runes & Masteries

As for many players there is thing called preference, some people want to play with these runes and some with these. But for my experience i would really suggest going with these specific settings. Critical Damage & Critical Chance runes are really good choice for both Quints & Reds. They will payout a lot in lategame, but will make it slightly harder to play early, in case your not landing crits. As for masteries, take more in offensive than in others. Utillity is very unneeded unless you take flash mastery.


Item Choices

Gangplank is very versatile champion, good example being that you can build any lifesteal items practically and they all are good choices in my opinion. Also you don’t need boots at all, they are so useless for Gangplank, but if you were to pick one i would go for Ludicity, Mercs or tabis.


Summoner Spells

Not much to talk about these, well flash is mandatory and so is ignite. If you take Ignite out of the equation i feel gangplank looses too much damage source. Teleport is viable option, but like i said he doesn’t have any Gapclosers he can’t do much with that unless he has red buff. What comes to Barrier well its really good spell, its pretty good since you are practically big glass cannon on this build. Cleanse¬†won’t be necessary, since you have (W) which is cleanse with 15 second cooldown. Ghost and other spells are just plain garbage.



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