LCS–Best Games of the Week

LCS longLCS–Best Games of the Week

Week one of the 2014 spring split of the League of Legends Championship Series was a week of surprises, upsets, and Teemo.  During a super week, there are a large number of games to wade through, and most of them were excellent games.  Fortunately for the busy fan, Mobamonster is here to provide you with the top five games from each LCS that you just have to see for yourself.


#5–Dignitas vs Cloud 9

No team has ever ridden momentum quite like Dignitas.  On a bad streak they can lose embarassingly to the worst teams, but when they are up they can take on the world.  After catching a break against Team Coast, Dignitas came into their match against C9 on a high note, and they rode that wave strong.  This match shows what Dignitas could be, if they can find a way to make their play more consistent.

#4–Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas

Long time fans of Leauge of Legends remember  the many matches between HotshotGG and Scarra.  Nidalee spears and Katarina bouncing around were a constant source of entertainment during season one.  With all the turmoil (and a very focused ban phase), we got to see this classic matchup once more.  Who knows how long Hotshot will stay on the starting roster for CLG, but as long as he’s here it will be fun to watch.

#3–Team Coast vs Evil Geniuses

While the players of Evil Geniuses are all top notch pros, it will take them some time to become a cohesive unit.  Until they do, they should probably not let Zionspartan farm his siphoning strike on their towers.  It turns out that when you ignore Nasus for the whole game, he murders your towers.  When you have no towers, you lose the game.

#2–Curse vs XDG

XDG receive a disproportionate amount of hate.  Mandatorycloud, Bloodwater, and Xmithie are world class players.  Zuna could become a top notch jungler by the end of this split if he can reign in his aggression a bit.  Benny is also on the team.  Unfortunately for them, and as much as they deserve the credit for their great win against Evil Geniuses, they lose this game pretty badly and it is extremely fun to watch.  Hopefully Curse can get a few more must-ban champions in their lineup so that Pantheon can be on display again.  Karthus livens up any LCS match, and combined with Voyboy on Akali, this game is an absloute must see.  Its like the video version of a poster of Lebron James dunking on someone.

#1–Cloud 9 vs Team Solo Mid

Teemo.  Sure there are other reasons to watch this matchup.  Its between the best two teams in North America, it was Bjergsen’s first match with TSM, but none of that really matters.  Teemo was picked in an LCS match, and he won.  Black is white, up is down, dogs and cats living together–madness has come to professional League of Legends.  Sure TheRainMan used to play Teemo, and even did so in the world finals of season one, but that was years ago.  Yes, Reginald played Teemo in his last professional match, but no one on TSM took that game seriously.  This is a whole new game.  Hai just got payed a professional gamer’s salary to play Teemo, and it worked.  It even drew a ban.  Surely this is a sign of the end of days.


#5–SK Gaming vs Supa Hot Crew

Galio is a great champion.  He provides movement speed, a resistance shield, and a game changing ultimate.  With Sona seeing less play this season, all the flashy support play has been left to Annie.  SK Gaming’s support choice in this match shows a potential trend in season four–support is much less about the approved list of champions, and much more about the player’s skill.

#4–Copenhagen Wolves vs Alliance

Finding a game from Alliance worth putting on any list (aside from a list of “matches Alliance played in”) is difficult.  There was no bigger disappointment in the LCS this week than Froggen’s supposed super team.  This game showcases two things.  First, the Copenhagen Wolves are dangerous team this season.  Second, it shows exactly what happens when a team has no leadership.

#3–Roccat vs Millenium

Roccat is a team with enormous potential this season.  They played strong in every match this week.  While their strength may be better seen in the match against Alliance, this match showcases their versatility.  Many new teams come into the LCS with unique picks, and then fall victim to the accepted stable of champions that stagnates any split.  Hopefully, Roccat will ride their success in week one and show us more and more interesting things.

#2–Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming

Its hard to remember a time when Fnatic were not the strongest team in Europe.  That time existed, between Shushei and Soaz, but it is long gone.  Fnatic adapt well to the changes of each split, and now that Rekkles has settled into the team they are more powerful than ever.  Gambit Gaming will be a strong contender for their crown, however, now that Edward has come home.  Gambit would go on to win the rest of their matches in week one, and if they can find a way to take games off Fnatic later this season, the battle for first play will be exciting to watch.

#1–Supa Hot Crew vs Roccat

The two new teams to the EU LCS squared off in an epic back and forth matchup.  Both teams brought unique picks to the battle, but it was Roccat and their devastating Malphite/Pantheon combination that made the biggest impression on fans.  Europe is stocked to the rafters with world class mid lane players, and Roccat looks to be adding another name to the list.  Overpow will be a name to watch this season, and hopefully for many seasons to come.


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Aydin has been following competetive League of Legends since before Season 1. He loves playing support, and longs for the day when Heimerdinger will make his LCS debut.

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