Intel Extreme Masters 2013 Analysis Day 2

Intel Extreme Masters 2013 Analysis Day 2


Today is the second day of the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Cologne, and after a fantastic set of matches yesterday I am not sure what to expect! 10 teams competing for their share of a $80,000 prize pool.

The matches today are as follows.

November 24th
C9 C9logo std.png

vs. Gambit Gaming  GambitLogo std.png

2013-11-24 02:00 05:00 11:00 19:00
Fnatic Fnaticlogo std.png

vs. Counter Logic Gaming
Clglogo std.png

2013-11-24 05:00 08:00 14:00 22:00
Amateur Final
Ninja’s in Pyjamas
NiPlogo std.png
Copenhagen Wolves

CHWLogo std.png
2013-11-24 08:00 11:00 17:00 01:00
Grand Final 2013-11-24 11:00 14:00 20:00 04:00

Once again, you can catch the game on Twitch tv if you’re at home by following the link
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Gambit Gaming versus Cloud 9

RussiaAlex Ich





Cloud9 Logo.jpg




Match 1 – Quite an aggressive start from Gambit, they invade the blue buff of Cloud 9 and manage to steal it from Meteos. Denying Nocturne a blue buff (and denying Meteos a blue buff) was a good play.

Alex Ich in the midlane goes aggressive onto Hai, but a poorly executed turret dive nets C9 a kill for nothing.

A lot of lane kills in this game, Diamond ganks botlane giving Genja and Edward assists, Meteos ganks toplane consecutively to grab kills, these are two teams that have Junglers who are absolutely key to their gameplay

When Gambit put 4 members in midlane to push the turrets, Cloud 9 had 2 members pushing botlane. In the end- Gambit gained 2 turrets and Cloud 9 gained 2 turrets.

Edward initiates a teamfight with a 4 man tibbers stun near Dragon. Even with such a great stun the kills break out quite evenly at 4 kills for 3 in Gambit’s favour.

As both teams rotate into the midlane to contest either team’s Dragon attempt, a teamfight breaks out which goes massively into Gambit’s favour. A 5 for 2 trade allows them to push down the inhibitor turret and inhibitor.

Gambit use this to pick up a free Dragon, taking advantage of C9’s lack of wards and lack of presence near the Dragon pit

A siege in botlane gives Gambit the bottom outer turret, but that is all they take from it.

Cloud 9 rush to check Baron pit when they realize everyone in Gambit is missing, but they arrive just in time to get into a fight with a Baron-ed up Gambit.
Alex Ich leaps in on Kha’Zix getting a triple kill before dying, and the low health members are picked off by the rest of Gambit’s squad.

A siege in midlane by Gambit nets them the middle inhibitor (it respawned) and the top inhibitor turret, as well as giving them a kill

After recalling, GMB return toplane to push down the inhibitor to net 5 kills for nothing, which allows them to pick up the nexus turrets, followed by the nexus.
Match 1 goes to Gambit Gaming

Match 2 – C9 aim to do what GMB did in the first game by invading the enemy blue buff, after burning 6 flashes in total, (3 on GMB, 3 on C9) the eventual score was 2 kills for 2 kills with Alex Ich picking up first blood.

Cloud 9 put 3 men top to push down the outer turret, Gambit respond to this by taking Dragon but Cloud 9 keep pushing against Darien’s Lissandra, C9 back off once they realize they are being surrounded.

A 3 man gank by Cloud 9 ends in a 1 for 1 trade

Cloud 9 once again send the majority of their team into a sidelane by placing 4 people botlane to get the outer turret, Gambit respond to this intelligently by sending 3 people bottom and 2 people to take the middle outer turret, which they do.

A teamfight at Dragon pit (which ends at the bottom inner turret) goes in C9’s favour when Alex Ich misses his ultimate on Orianna, it ends in a 4 for 1 trade that C9 can’t use to secure objectives because by the time it’s over, everyone has respawned

Cloud 9 try to pressure botlane again but GMB have have the advantage in this fight, a 3 for 0 trade in terms of kills, but this fight lets Meteos pick up the middle outer turret.

A fight at Dragon pit looks like it’s going in C9’s favour when Alex Ich misses another ultimate, but Edward is on form and picks up another 4 man stun, keeping the high damage dealers away from his team.
This fight ends in a 3 for 1 trade in Gambit’s favour, as well as them picking up Dragon.

3 members of Gambit are caught out in the red side jungle giving C9 an easy triple kill for nothing, C9 use this to start killing Baron, but Genja manages to pick up a kill on Balls and this forces C9 away from Baron.

Gambit push up the mid lane with not much resistance from C9, allowing them to easily pick up the inhibitor turret and inhibitor.
As gambit are falling back, a teamfight is initiated by Meteos, 2 kills are quickly picked up by C9 but due to Genja’s fantastic positioning and mechanics on Lucien, he turns the fight around and bring the fight to a 3 for 3 trade instead of a 3 for 0.

Genja solo’s Dragon whilst the rest of Gambit siege botlane, after they take the inner turret, they move onto the inhibitor turrets.
Just as it is about to fall, Alex Ich proves himself by hitting an amazing Orianna ultimate, shockwaving 4 people together for Edward to have an easy tibbers stun, having 4 people stunned permanently in a fight means that it is easy for Gambit to win, they push down the bottom inhibitor before rushing the Nexus down, winning them the game.
Match 2 goes to Gambit
Gambit move on to the next round, winning 2 matches in a best of 3 series.


Fnatic versus Counter Logic Gaming






Clg logo2.png





Match 1 – When xPeke on Nidalee is caught in the CC chain from Riven Vi and Thresh, it hands CLG a free first blood- but this doesn’t seem to phase FNC as Rekkles in the botlane picks up a double kill against his rival Doublelift.

A fight at the back of dragon pit ends in a 1 for 1 trade.
The bottom lane pressure in this game is immense, obviously both teams are afraid of each other’s Marksman. A gank from Cyanide gifts FNC two kills and a turret.
In the midlane, CLG Trick gets caught by an Ashe arrow which draws in a lot of FNC members for the kill. Nientonsoh uses this to take top outer turret without any pressure.

xPeke’s great escape – great mechanics from him on Nidalee, using his heals and barrier to survive just the right amount of damage to survive. Click here to watch the great escape

Rekkles in the midlane takes mid inner turret whilst the rest of FNC take the top inner turret.
A botlane siege lets Fnatic grab the inner bot turret, inhibitor turret and then inhibitor. Being able to easily push CLG away from their own turrets with the poke of Karma, Nidalee and Ashe

As everyone from FNC backs away, Nientonsoh takes advantage of this to push up mid and get a free outer turret.

FNC noticing that Doublelift and Link are away in side lanes push down the middle inhibitor with absolute ease, they also manage to get a kill.
After getting that inhib, they rotate over to top to destroy the last CLG inhibitor.
Let’s not forget the statistics, it is nearly impossible to come back from a 3 inhibitor deficit.

Such a personal match was put to an end when Fnatic rushed into the base and simply kept CLG away from their own nexus. After realizing that victory was imminent, they abandoned the Nexus to hunt down Doublelift. Once Doublelift died- the Nexus was the next target.
Fnatic wins Match number 1

Match 2 –A safe start from both teams, some offensive wards placed but that is all.
First blood goes to CLG after a 4 man gank on toplane (There was a lane swap, so it was 4v2)

In the botlane a very close 2v2 between CLG Marksman and Support’s duo and Top and Jungle’s duo from Fnatic , it ends in a 1 for 1 but CLG came out on top.

The first Dragon of the game goes to CLG. taking advantage of the fact that Fnatic’s duo is toplane. Cyanide tried to steal it but he was unsuccessful.

A siege in midlane is broken up by Aphromoo,  the crowd control chain lets CLG pick up an easy 3 kills ( it becomes 4 after a blind ultimate from Link on Ziggs )
it gives CLG an inhibitor turret, but they back out because taking the inhib.
Both teams rotate to Dragon, but as soon as Fnatic see CLG there they just back away and give the second Dragon to CLG for free.

The action moves down to bot lane where CLG push FNC away from their own turret. Taking it with absolute ease- before rotating into the midlane to take advantage of an open inhibitor.
Fnatic try to fight back but it costs them 2 deaths and their inhibitor.

CLG start the Baron dance, but they bait Cyanide into trying to steal it so they can kill him.
CLG take Baron easily and push up toplane, taking the top inner turret, not-so quickly followed by the inhibitor turret.
FNC try to stop the push but Doublelift gets a triple kill out of the overall 4 kills for 0 deaths.
Using this, CLG push the nexus turrets before destroying the nexus.
Match 2 goes to Counter Logic Gaming.

Match 3 – A questionable facecheck from Neintonsoh nets FNC an early first blood; but other than the first blood- it is a relatively safe start in terms of jungle routes.

The first turret in the game goes to Fnatic as CLG’s top outer turret falls. sOAZ shows a great understanding of turret range as he doesn’t even burn his flash to solo dive Nientonsoh.

CLG manage to equalize turrets, but due to FNC having a lot of (Morgana, Corki) they push CLG away from their own Mid outer turret and take it easily.

Both teams rotate to Dragon and a team fight breaks out. An eventual 4 for 2 trade in Fnatic’s favour is made so much sweeter by the fact they also got Dragon.

Fnatic’s great ward coverage in enemy jungle lets them pick off kill after kill on people who travel alone or people who are split from their team.

As both teams rotate botlane, CLG try to stop FNC taking their bot turret but it costs them a life. In the end the turret didn’t fall as both teams back out.

The fight comes back to botlane as the turret falls easily. A 1 for 1 trade in a skirmish does not phase Fnatic as they keep on powering through, netting an extra 3 kills. But instead of taking the inhibitor turret they decide to back out and buy items.

CLG at the moment are just in defensive mode- they are only 2 turrets behind but the biggest deficit is the 10k Gold lead and 10 kill lead that Fnatic has over there.

Fnatic push up the mid lane easily, zoning CLG away from their own inner turret.

It is no surprise that Doublelift is going to try for a backdoor, and Rekkles counter-baits by acting is if he was caught out by Aphromoo, when in reality Cyanide was coming up to assist the double kill. Taking advantage of the deficit FNC push up mid lane taking the inhibitor turret and the inhibitor. However- this costs CLG a death for zero kills. (If you don’t count what happened botlane)

Fnatic take a free Baron that CLG doesn’t even try to steal, a Baron-ed up FNC rotate into botlane and surprisingly CLG is the team that initiates. But they quickly melt under all the damage and crowd control that FNC offers.
The teamfight that follows is a very decisive 5 for 1 trade in FNC’s favour. Using the ace Fnatic push down the nexus turrets before quickly destroying the nexus.
Match 3 goes to Fnatic.
The game goes to Fnatic, as the score is 2-1 in a best of three series.

A better way to remember this game isn’t the trash talking that went on between Doublelift and Rekkles, it’s the fact that once the client is closed- both members can shake hands and even hug out of respect for one another.



Ninjas in Pyjamas versus Copenhagen Wolves

NiP Logo.png

Denmark Zorozero
France hyrqBot

Norway Nukeduck
Czech Republic Freeze
Spain Mithy



Match 1 of the Amateur grand finals

Early aggression from Ninja’s in Pyjamas gives them an extra red buff and lets them place some wards in the enemy jungle.

Copenahagen wolves respond to this by getting first blood- which some great communication and baiting from Youngbuck on Shen.
Minutes later, however- NIP’s Mithy delivers a great Annie stun to equalize the kills.

The first turret in the game goes to NIP in the midlane after an impressive siege that CW cannot compete with.

Early Dragon pressure from Copenhagen wolves- which they take without suffering any deaths, but NIP don’t come out of it with nothing as they manage to take top outer turret.

A lot of turrets fall in this game due to split pushing, it just seems that neither team is ever in position to deal with a solo split push.

Baron pit finds a bit of action at the midway point in this game, CW score 2 kills for 0 but decide to save Baron for another time.

NIP take advantage of the fact that every CW member has recalled to quickly rush Dragon. But their advantage wasn’t as clear as they thought- they are caught trying to retreat from Dragon which costs them 3 deaths.

Toplane siege leads to a free inner turret for CW, after this they rotate to Baron and take it for free- no wards or pressure near that side of the jungle for NIP, meanwhile. CW has massive ward coverage in the area.

A baron-ed up CW push up the botlane which NIP does not even try to stop. This gives them a free inhibitor before they decide to back out.
The defensive playstyle from NIP ends up burning down the Baron buff, stopping CW from doing much with it.

However, minutes later NIP send 4 men bottom to deal with Youngbuck’s split push- but CW take advantage of this to take another free Baron.

Once again returning to botlane; they re-take the inhibitor before rotating toplane, easily taking the inhibitor turret and the inhibitor.

After recalling to buy items, CW push straight up the mid lane to force a fight at the inhibitor. This gives 2 kills for nothing but they simply push NIP back into their fountain allowing them to destroy the Nexus turrets before following up with the nexus.
Match 1 goes to Copenhagen Wolves.

Match 2 –  An early facecheck from NIP gives CW an easy first blood, questionable play from a team who does not have an advantage on the scoreboard.

Sending 3 men midlane lets CW snowball their first blood into a very early outer turret, giving them the first turret of the game.

The duo in botlane dive too far to try and kill Youngbuck, but with Jungler Amazing swooping in from the side, they easily pick up a kill on Mithy.

A mini siege in the midlane gives CW the inner mid turret, before rotating around to Dragon, NIP do not even attempt to contest this objective.

A siege toplane breaks into a fight as NIP’s Mithy flashes to get a 4 man Tibber stun, this confusion gives NIP 3 kills for 1 death. A potential advantage that they’ve needed for a while.

CW get another uncontested Dragon- this evolves into a fight once they rotate botlane to take the turret. This ends in a 1 for 0 trade in CW’s favour, but it lets them take the turret.
After recalling, the entire team rushes to toplane to show off their gold advantage by pushing NIP away from their own turrets, taking a free inner turret.

After a bit of neutrality from both teams, CW push botlane. NIP try to start a fight but CW do not even react to the miniscule damage that NIP are inflicting, taking the inhibitor before wiping the floor with NIP.
This teamfight victory allows CW to push the nexus turrets before quickly taking the nexus for the victory.
Copenhagen Wolves win match 2.

Copenhaven Wolves win the Intel Extreme Masters grand final for the Amateur division.
This not only gives them 17,000 dollars, but it also gives them the confidence boost that they might need to start taking themselves more seriously. After winning pretty much all of their matches with there being a clear “winner” and a clear “loser”. The high level of play that has become to natural to them might allow them to transition into the professional scene, but we will have to wait for playoffs to see if my prediction is correct.

All in all, congratulations to Copenhagen wolves for winning the grand finals of their division, they honestly deserved it.




Fnatic versus Gambit gaming

Grand finals of the professional tournament.







RussiaAlex Ich



Match 1 – An early invade from FNC only succeeds in burning EdwarD’s flash and gives them some wards in the enemy jungle.

First blood finds it’s way on Darien thanks to an always reliable gank from Diamond.

The first Dragon of the game goes to Gambit, uncontested simply due to the fact that that FNC has no wards in that part of the map and their duo lane is in top.
However, Cyanide manages to pick up a kill toplane- meaning that it wasn’t a total loss.

The first turret to fall belongs to GMB in the midlane.

Not much happens in this game that I can bring into the broad picture, both teams are playing so methodically and so cautiously that even if I commented on every creep they right clicked, I wouldn’t be doing it justice.

Some Dragon pressure from Gambit nets them a free objective. Both teams valuing objectives over kills to the point of ignoring enemies just to get turrets.

That is- until Alex Ich on Malphite notices a great opportunity to ult.
A teamfight in midlane begins, which goes massively into GMB’s favour. A 3 for 1 trade lets them pick up mid inner turret before backing out.

After buying new items, GMB move over to do the almighty Baron dance. Which they manage to take quite easily without any contest from FNC.
A baron-ed up Gambit push down the midlane forcing a fight. 2 die on FNC’s side almost instantly but it costs Alex Ich his life.

When the entire team is back up, Alex Ich proves time after time that he can one-shot Rekkles with his full combo. After easily killing one of the biggest threats on FNC’s side, GMB push the bot lane inhibitor before rotating top.

The long siege from GMB is put to an end when Alex Ich’s find an ultimate on 3 people which Edward quickly follows up with a Crescendo. After 4 members of FNC die instantly, Fnatic decide to surrender the game rather than watch their nexus die.
Match 1 of the grand finals goes to Gambit Gaming

Match 2 – An early invade from GMB actually works against them, when Diamond gets caught and gives first blood over to Rekkles.
But he does not let this phase him- he simply completes his jungle route and ganks botlane. He seems to easily get a double kill for himself- which he certainly needs to boost the morale of his team after that sloppy first blood.
Cyanide tries to counter another gank in botlane by waiting in the bush, but he completely underestimates the damage of Evelyn, giving GMB another double kill at the cost of 1 death.

Whilst the last game was an objective battle, this game is certainly a fight for kills, with Gambit looking like the powerhouse. 9 kills to 3 and being 3.6k gold in the lead

The first turret in the game goes down quite late in the game compared to every other match in the IEM.

A teamfight in the midlane lasts for so long that people are respawning and rejoining the fight, it is clear that GMB is toying with FNC right now, not even destroying turrets. They just want to demoralize FNC.

Gambit take the mid turret after killing 3 people with ease. At the 18th minute the middle inhibitor falls- a 12k gold lead and a 19 kill lead signals that this game might be over for Fnatic.

Gambit rotate toplane to take an easy inhibitor after a 3 for 0 teamfight.
After destroying the top inhib, Gambit rush the nexus turrets before quickly following it with the Nexus.
Match 2 goes to Gambit Gaming.

The winners of the Intel Extreme Masters professional tournament Grand finals are Gambit gaming!

Gambit Gaming Logo.png

Gambit were at the absolute top of their game this weekend, winning all of their matches 2-0 quite decisively. Whilst every game was an amazing spectacle that I was proud to watch, every game involving Gambit was just a tiny bit sweeter.
Gambit walk away not only 18,500 dollars richer. But they also have some bragging rights, shutting down some of the most dominant teams with ease- even after making some pretty big mistakes.

Every team performed amazingly in this tournament, and every game had it’s own little backstory- whether it be the trash talking from Doublelift, the second guessing of Fnatic’s Rekkles and whether or not Gambit were back on form were all put to rest. But let’s not forget about what the amateur tournament showed us. Copenhagen wolves won the amateur grand finals against NIP, a “well-established” amateur team. We saw great comebacks and great upsets in every division. Cloud 9 losing out so easily to Gambit doesn’t look so upsetting when you realize that Gambit went on to dominate in the Grand finals.

Whilst some games showed how important kills and gold leads were, others were more incremental than that- how many free Dragons can you afford to give the enemy, is Baron a signal that the end is near?
With so many variables, we are seeing less and less people contest objectives. Every team this weekend has shown me that they would much rather get even safely than take the risk to get ahead.

All in all, Cologne can now say that it hosted a brilliant League of legends tournament, showcasing the return of European powerhouses, the humbling of an arrogant man, and the amateurs that in a few years, might be giving these champions a run for their money.

Table showing winnings and position in tournament (both professional and amateur)

Pro teams:

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 18,500 € 13,318 GambitLogo std.png Gambit Gaming
Silver.png 2nd $ 7,500 € 5,549 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
SF.png 3rd/4th $ 5,000 € 3,700 Clglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
C9logo std.png Cloud 9
5th/6th $ 2,500 € 1,850 Team TurqualityLogo std.png Team Turquality
REDlogo std.png The RED

Amateur teams:

Place Prize (USD) ≈Prize (EUR) Team
Gold.png 1st $ 17,000 € 12,611 CHWLogo std.png Copenhagen Wolves
Silver.png 2nd $ 8,000 € 5,935 NiPlogo std.png Ninjas in Pyjamas
SF.png 3rd/4th $ 2,500 € 1,855 Sklogo std.png SK Gaming
Tcmlogo std.png TCM-Gaming

Thank you all for reading, I hope you found my run-through helpful- and remember to keep using Mobamonster for daily updates on all things MOBA related. 🙂


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