Infinite Crisis – Welcome to Practice Mode!

cat_super_break_jpgInfinite Crisis – Welcome to Practice Mode!

One of the most requested features by the community, a practice mode, Turbine has finally placed it inside the game. It has been a long time coming but you may now que up for practice mode with four other players.

The practice mode present in the game is not the full-fledged practice mode you see in other MOBAs. It allows you to play on the Coast City map, but there are no enemy champions to play against. The purpose of the mode is to get new players familiar with last-hitting, laning, jungling, and the games basic functions. The map does also teach you how to fight the raider, which is a creep that has more health and hits harder, but is more rewarding than the other enemies you kill. On top of that, they also teach you how to set off the Doomsday Device.

Not having enemy champions is not the only downside. Unfortunately, any skills that target champions specifically are not accessible. You can not fire off Superman’s Ultimate ability where he flies across the screen to a champion, for example.

This mode is not final and they understand that. They are actively working to make this mode better and be more like a standard MOBA where you fight against bots.

If you are looking to get into Infinite Crisis, feel free to use this link to sign up!




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