Infinite Crisis – Referral Skin: Sushi Chef


Infinite Crisis – Referral Skin: Sushi Chef

Referring new players to Infinite Crisis comes with many perks. Recently we posted an article that showed off some of the physical rewards that can be earned by referring players to the game. Today, we bring you the digital reward for such an act.

At 25 new players referred to the game you will unlock a new skin for Gaslight Joker called the “Sushi Chef”. The skin is very nice and it is easily one of the better skins in the game.


I believe he looks really cool with his upper body almost completely covered in tattoos.

ScreenShot00040While there are no new animations for this skin as there was with a previous joker, I must say it is hilarious to run around and beat hero and villain faces in with a busted up fish. Also take note that this version of Gaslight Joker does not wear any shoes while walking along the torn up pavement of Gotham and Coast City.

ScreenShot00047I zoomed in as much as possible to show off what I could of the details on the screen. I do play the game on my Razer Blade Pro completely maxed out so it should look pretty decent.

ScreenShot00043 ScreenShot00045




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