Infinite Crisis – Referral Rewards

cat_super_break_jpgInfinite Crisis – Referral Rewards

I have worked and advertised Infinite Crisis tirelessly ever since its inception to a referral program. I do have a gaming guild and community that also helps each other out with referral rewards or perks where the work isn’t too drastic and I would count about thirty of the referrals I have gotten to them, with about another twelve coming from real friends and family.

I contacted Turbine upon getting my email telling me I was able to claim a reward. The reward tier I was getting was an Infinite Crisis shirt and an Infinite Crisis poster signed by the development team.  During my emails to them, they told me that since I was one of their first referral winners I would be getting a few extra perks on top of what I knew I was getting. Well, today these packages came in, and here are the pictures;

The first thing I opened of my referral rewards was this Batman: Arkham Origins artbook.


I then opened up the poster, signed by the team, and this is what I was most excited for!


The next pictures shows of the awesome 3/4 cut off sleeve baseball Infinite Crisis shirt laying on top of all of my rewards.


The next picture is the back of the shirt. Both sides of this looked amazing and I am already wearing it. I chose an XL as the size but I should have chosen a large as that would have fit better.


The last picture here is a Batman: Arkham Origins shirt in an XL and a printed picture to go with it.


The rewards were amazing and well worth the effort put into getting them. Since they did give me extra items as a reward for being one of the first, I will give some back to the community. Keep an eye out on the site within the next few weeks for some giveaways from this lot of prizes. For those looking to help me out and get me more referrals so that I can get more prizes for you guys, you can use the link below to play the game for free!

Click me to play Infinite Crisis!



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