Infinite Crisis – Nightmare Superman!

cat_super_break_jpgInfinite Crisis – Nightmare Superman!

Nightmare Superman, who has been in pictures and wallpapers for Infinite Crisis for some time, has finally has his champion reveal today. Nightmare Superman is a Controller (Support) character as the Champion of Phantoms.

Here is a list and some ideas on his abilities;

Passive: Possession

Nightmare Superman possesses the enemy champion who killed him and reveals him on the map and reduces their attack and power armor for a few seconds. If the enemy champion is defeated while they are possessed by Nightmare Superman, Nightmare Superman is revived for a % of the enemies max health.

Q: Phantom Collector

Opens a portal and summons a phantom. It deals power damage and steals power armor. When the phantom returns back to Nightmare Superman it grants all nearby allies power armor based on the amount of enemy champions hit.

W: Vortex

Creates a vortex that slows enemies inside of it. After a few seconds, the vortex collapses and pulls all enemies towards its center. Using vortex a second time collapses the vortex early and deals power damage.

E: Siphon/Infuse

Using Sipon on an enemy champion will hit them for power damage and grants a shield that blocks power damage to two nearby allied champions. Using Infuse on an allied champion will grant them a shield and then hit two nearby enemies for power damage.

R: Condemn

Traps an enemy in the Phantom Zone Prison! It stuns them and makes it so they cannot move or attack for 1.5 seconds, and if they die while in this phantom zone, the prison will explode and reduce the move speed of nearby enemies by a % for two seconds.

Stolen Power: Nightmare Superman’s Teleport

Upon a successful teleport, you will gain 5 power damage for 5 seconds.

Nightmare Superman will be available in two weeks on Wednesday, April 09, 2014.


If you are interested in signing up and playing with this champion for free, click the link!

For more information on this champion and some builds available for him, head here.



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