Infinite Crisis – New Skin for Atomic Green Lantern


Infinite Crisis – New Skin for Atomic Green Lantern

On Wednesday, with the weekly update, Turbine has released a new skin for the Atomic Green Lantern character. It costs 650 crisis coins to unlock just like all the other new releases for skins.


ScreenShot00021The voice and the character movement all remain the way it was previously but it is such a beautiful skin.  Every week on Wednesdays, Turbine will release a new skin into the game. On top of that, every third week, Turbine will also release a new champion. This upcoming week is that third week where Turbine will release a new champion. We recently wrote an article about some leaked champions. Do you think it could be one of them? Will it be a new hero we haven’t seen yet?

The only hint we may ave gotten was to “keep a sharp eye out”, and Deathstroke on the television series “Arrow”, had an arrow go through an eye, but it would be a bit soon to add him into the game.

What champion do you hope releases next? What skin do you think will be next in line for a release next week? Below we will be updating the article posted with more pictures of the new skin in the game on live servers so you don’t have to guess what it looks like. You’re welcome!




Let us know how you feel about the skin in the comments below!



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