Infinite Crisis – King of the Crisis Tournament Announced

cat_super_break_jpgInfinite Crisis – King of the Crisis Tournament Announced

Turbine, developers of Infinite Crisis, have announced a new weekly tournament that will result in the best teams in the game getting a shot at winning money every single week from here on out. The more the teams win, to become the King of the Crisis, the more money they will gain.

The tournament will be hosted over a few days time and the battles will take place on two different maps. Gotham Heights and Gotham Divided are going to be the battlegrounds. The format is that four teams will duel-it-out in single elimination on Monday and Wednesday. The last team left will then fight the current King of the Crisis on Friday.

The winner of the weekly tournament will get $200 on top of a 50 dollar bounty increase every week if the current champion continues to win. For the first week, Complexity will be the King of the Crisis.


On Monday, VEXX Gaming will play against Absolute Legends NA at 6 PM EDT.

On Monday, Feel Team Six will play against KGO at 8 PM EDT.

The winners of these two matches will play against each other on Wednesday at 6 PM EDT.

Finally, the winner of that battle will play the current King, Complexity, on Friday at 6 PM EDT.




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