Infinite Crisis – Gotham Divided Review

Infinite Crisis – Gotham Divided Review

Once again ive returned to world of comics and superheroes that being Infinite Crisis. The has been out for while (I believe last summer) and gotten handful of new content such as the Coast City map and multiple new champions have joined the roster as well. To see my original impressions about game you can check it here ( but this review will be mostly based on Gotham Divided a new map by Turbine.

To Quickly summarize what Gotham Divided is about, here is a introduction taken from their website (Removed all the unnecessary parts that weren’t relevant).


Gotham Divided Overview


As a newer player on Gotham Divided, you’ll be defending one of three lanes: bottom, middle, or top. Early and mid-match your first priority is to keep enemy drones and players off your turret. Do your best to stay alive. If needed, back-off your enemies and stick close to your allied turret. Make sure you let your team know when things get rough, or when your enemy is vulnerable to a surprise attack. Allies in the urban jungle will love you for this.


Also there is pods. Several minutes into Gotham Divided, two Phase Pods crash into the Urban Jungle. Activating one of these pods reveals the Raider drone. Defeating the Raider grants nearby allied champions experience and credit, and also drops the Surveillance Tower.


To compare this map to Coast City or Gotham Heights i feel this is best out of the three. There is few elements that make it more enjoyable, first one being its fully horizontal (the old diagonal style is becoming kinda redundant) map with good mirroring and both sides are equally balanced so its the same which one will be which side since all the objectives are in same distance. It’s not total ripoff out of Summoners Rift or DOTA 2 map, it has some unique elements and placings of the hologram brushes.

Gotta say the jungle camps are kinda at interesting places, not where you would expect them to be, so thats kinda unique take on the whole thing. I believe Gotham Divided will be main map in Esports and as some people already saw Coast City ques have increased quite a bit since people are transitioning to the Gotham Divided as it will be the main map.

Overall feel of the map is better than the rest, but it kinda looks like bit different Shaped Gotham heights, but i guess they are still working on some stuff. I like the map more than the others, but i really want Turbine to focus fixing the horrible shop and overall reading capability of the UI; the fonts are pretty bad and hard to distinguish if you look at DOTA or League they got that thing covered pretty damn well.

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