Infinite Crisis – Gotham Divided Receiving a Big Update

Infinite Crisis – Gotham Divided Receiving a Big Update

Based on player feedback, a whole lot is changing about Deployables. For starters, Stasis has been removed from Gotham Divided in favor of an additional EMP. When you kill the Health and Speed creatures, they will produce two Deployable Generators: One in your base, and one near their own camp. Because of this, Tier 2 Deployables have been removed. Beacons and the orb-shaped Deployable pick-ups have been replaced with Deployable Generators, each of which have new unique skill icons:

Gotham Divided Icons

Once the September Update goes live, you’ll be able to run over generators to pick up Deployables, just like credits.

New Feature Note: Have you already picked up a Deployable? Colliding with a second one will not replace your current Deployable. We’re also keeping an important aspect of play in mind: contention.

Because rushing, dashing, or otherwise moving over a Generator now gives you its Deployable, it’s much easier to try and steal an opponent’s a Deployable while they’re jungling. With that in mind, Deployables are unusable for a short period after you take damage from a player or pet. While this prevents your opponent from swooping in to steal a Deployable and then immediately using it to deny your team, it won’t prevent them from trying to swipe and flee! Stay frosty in the Urban Jungle.

Changes to Deployables


Now earned from the Raider

  • Generator appears at Raider camp and back at base
  • Only one version, lasts for 5 seconds
  • Now takes 3 basic attacks to destroy

Surveillance Tower

  • Now earned from the top and bottom Destroyers
  • Range reduced from 20 to 12
  • Lifetime reduced from infinite to 5 minutes
  • Now takes 5 basic attacks to destroy

Leviathan Core

  • Duration halved while damage doubled (200 true damage/sec over 5 seconds).
  • Now reduces Move Speed by 35% for enemies in the area.


  • No longer deals damage when dropped on an enemy Champion
  • When dropped on an enemy Champion, applies a 50% Slow that lasts 3 seconds.

Base Cameras

  • Cast Range reduced from 600 to 500, bringing Base Cameras more in line with Stolen Powers.
  • Base Cameras now have a fade-out interval, so they will be visible and attackable for 2 seconds before stealthing.

Superpowered Matches

Beyond new and improved Deployables, there’s a bevy of changes aimed at making players feel more superpowered while making matches faster to start and quicker overall.

New Feature Note: Base turrets have been replaced with the Construct. She now defends your Power Core, blasting any foes who venture too close to the base pad.

The Leviathan’s overall offense and defense has been reduced:

  • Attack armor reduced.
  • Power armor reduced.
  • Health Base reduced.
  • Basic attack damage reduced.
  • Removed immunity to Blind.

Drones now spawn at Dampeners, allowing them to march into lanes faster than ever. Their power also caps-out at level 20 (or at the 30-minute match mark) making it easier for Controllers and Enforcers to clear drone waves in the late game.

We’re also shortening the time you spend running from base to battle. Base pads now boost your Move Speed by 45%, and when leaving your base this boost fades over 6 seconds.

And we’re adjusting events at the start of a match, to reduce early inactivity and balance early jungling from the top and bottom laners. By five minutes into Gotham Divided, with the exception of Leviathan, all strategic elements will have opened up to players:

New Event Timeline

  • -01:00 Pre-Match
  • 00:00 Match Start
  • 00:30 Drones Spawn
  • 00:50 Large Creature Camps Spawn (Regen / Agile)
  • 01:00 Small Creature Camps Spawn (Tripod / Scrapper / Mauler)
  • 03:00 Destroyer Camps Spawn (Top / Bottom Surveillance Tower spawns)
  • 05:00 Phase pod impact (Raider)

Start Playing Infinite Crisis now with this brand new update –




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