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Beta Key Giveaway


Good morning Infinite Crisisers. Infinite Crisis is having another beta key giveaway. This time it’s 500 keys for Coast City. If you’ve been anxious on getting in to test this new 2 lane map, just follow the link for your chance to win. Click the link, this will take you to their “Coast City Code Giveaway” page then you just click on “Get your code”. Then follow the instructions to apply the code and BOOM, you’re in. If you do end up missing out, don’t fret. There will be other beta key giveaways, as well as signing up for the beta and purchasing a Founder’s Pack.

Click here for your key:


Coast City

Founder’s Pack Purchase:

Beta Sign up:

 Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes(better known for Jay & Silent Bob), talk about Infinite Crisis:

That’s all for now. I will be back with more news and articles. Everything Infinite Crisis related that I can possibly get my grubby hands on. Until then, this is xxDeadxPoolxx and remember, my common sense is always tingling.

Thunder Feat

Thunder Feat

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