Hyper Universe Review

Hyper Universe Review

Around 6 months ago i did a first impressions video on Hyper universe looking into the game at Korean server back then i was rather impressed already with the designs and graphical style of the game. While i didn’t understand the korean language and i had pretty high ping – i still did have reasonable enjoyable time playing the game.

Now that the game is at Steam i can finally have a proper review experience with the game. Lot of the things that i had positives with the game stayed the same, the controller support is very neat and i feel its very well mapped for Xbox 360 controller especially and graphics/Characters are joy to look at generally.

Right now it obviously  needs more players and that will happen when they fully leave the early access, otherwise you will just end playing with bots. Key concern that i really only have is the mechanical depth, since aerial combat doesn’t really exist and stairs are kinda weird game mechanic to be had, they have their part to play obviously but i just don’t see them play a big part in the game at least combat wise.

Side scrollers can work with MOBA format was we have seen with Awesomenauts in the past, but this game has taken a bit different game design although very similar in many aspects when it comes to items, map and combat, except it has more aerial combat in general.



Pulled from across the universe, the Hypers take many shapes and sizes: A mage who rains down giant snowmen, a mongoose riding astride an armored rhinoceros, a tentacled Admiral with the power of the kraken at his call, and more! Through crazy exhibitions of skill, they compete to hone their power and seek the key to unlock the salvation of the universe.

Intense Side-Scrolling MOBA Action: Hyper Universe combines the gameplay found in a side-scrolling action platform title with the highly strategic team-oriented play of a MOBA.

Dynamic Hyper Roles: Choose from a diverse set of both new and traditional MOBA roles that create a frenetic battlefield dripping with synergistic opportunities. Whether you prefer to be the tanky engager or just yearn to deal excessive amounts of burst damage, there’s a role that will fit your playstyle.

Stranger Danger!: What’s that around the corner?! The battlefield is riddled with dangers and mechanisms destined to be employed by enemies and allies alike. Team up and discover unique strategies as you climb ladders, bust through floors, and warp behind your enemies in pursuit of hyper victory.

Explore the Battlefields: Travel across multiple universes as you battle on unique maps that consist of varying turret lanes and jungle camps. Fight for control across the seven-level high map variants and prove you can rise to the challenge of Hyper Universe.

I think right now it needs bit more polishing perhaps and something drastic might has to be done about the aerial combat and teamfights in general, because i just see people spamming abilities left and right at this point, where is the mechanical depth there? I’m not sure.  I Don’t think the game however will be drastically changed, but i think it would make big change to the game however.


  • Very neat graphics
  • Controller support (Better than mouse & keyboard)
  • The Designs of the characters are cool and unique
  • Well optimized, doesn’t seem to drop frames at all
  • Good Item system


  • May lack depth when it comes to overall mechanics in the game & map strategy
  • Perhaps needs more PvE stuff or more PvP maps
  • Towers tend to be too strong perhaps


Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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