Hun Batz God release and patch notes

Hun Batz: The Howler Monkey God!
Our old monkey got the boot, Apollo got a bit of bling, and the store’s got some new stock. This patch is bigger than Bacchus’ stomach.

Rumble in the Jungle: New God





“A grudge, like any wound, left untended will fester.”





Hun Batz, formerly Sun Wukong, is a major remake of our party monkey we knew and loved. But fear not! Where Sun Wukong lacked in an awesome hat, Hun Batz does not. Hun Batz is identical to Sun Wukong in many ways. They both share the same 1-2-3 abilities and even the same animations! In fact, If you had already purchases Sun Wukong, then you get Hun Batz completely free of charge. Speaking of free, your previous purchases of the Red Demon and Shaolin Monk-ey skin Sun Wukong will transfer over to Hun Batz and his respective Red Demon and Shaolin Monk-ey attire.

But don’t think this is just some shoddy reskin because Hun Batz plays in a whole new way. Hun Batz’ ultimate allows him to smash a totem of See-No-Evil on the ground, fearing any and all enemy gods unfortunate enough to be trapped in it’s radius. Hun Batz also has a brand new voice actor that plays him, adding an extra layer of interest to this already fun banana eating ninja of death.


For those of you that are worried about your favorite party animal, HiRez HAS stated that Sun Wukong will return in a future patch as “a more fierce warrior god.”


For Hun Batz’ official introductory video into the pantheon of playable gods


 Joust: The first of what’s to come


In other, equally significant, news: our Joust map got an overhaul! The entire Joust map was remade and repainted to fit a more realistic, almost gritty feel that HiRez is aiming for. HiRez has said they’ve wanted to take the artwork and feel of SMITE in a completely different direction than the way it’s headed right now. Gone are the colorful textures and playful art. Cell-shading (although still able to be re-enabled in the options menu) is gone as well and you can immediately feel a more intense, almost dark, atmosphere around you. Although the Joust map is currently the only map that has been thrown into the graphical future, HiRez has stated that they want to eventually change all of their maps to fit the engaging and immersive theme.



For the official showcase on the new Joust map


New Gold Skin: Apollo

Apollo-GoldieJoining the golden gods club, Apollo has found himself to be the next champion to receive that shiny makeover. Slide into the fray like the rockstar you are, but with a slick, golden bod that not even the most enthusiastic tanners can hope to achieve.


To unlock this golden ladies man: simply get to God rank 1 with Apollo and either fork over 400 gems or 15,000 favor. That’s right, 15,000. Only the rich are exempt from climbing this treadmill, but I promise you it’s worth every last step.



FOR SALE: Epic new meta

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Scroll your mouse over the gallery to flip through the pictures manually

For those of you who don’t know what you’re looking at: above is a slideshow of the four feet items (shoes, boots, greaves and tabi) as well as the Ankh. Following up on the recent changes that the ankh debuted with a split item tree, the feet weigh in as a whole new wave of depth-adding items. The feet, simply put, now have two choices on how you want to build them on the third tier. Do you want physical penetration or critical damage? How about 30% reduced crowd control over 5% less damage from all sources?

But that’s not all. The Ankh, the mighty pioneer that began this craze that will more than likely permeate to the rest of the store, got an upgrade as well. With an even deeper split that starts at the second tier and ends with a choice of one of three different, and potentially game winning, items, it’s proving it can restlessly brave this new meta.


UI and theme






The in-game UI (User Interface) also got some well deserved attention this patch. With your items bar, stats block and player frames nicely moved and tucked away into the cozy corners.

In the top left you have your team, with the enemy in the opposite corner. You can also easily view the pot gold, phoenix’/towers still up, and kills for both teams!

  • The bottom left of your  screen has now become the home of your k/d/a bar and player stats.
  • And the last corner, the bottom right, is taken up by your items and personal gold.
  • The map has also undergone a change that flushes out the detail, making it easier to see who’s fighting who and where.

Overall, I love the feeling of the new UI. It feels a lot more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. I’m also not the only one who feels that the UI has drawn them more into the game. The dark and easy tone of it really helps you keep focused on the game at hand and doesn’t draw you out one bit. It’s a welcome addition to the game and I hope it’s here to stay. No sense in fixing what isn’t broke, right?


Here me roar! Three new voice packs

The following champions’ voice packs have been released for 200 gems each:

  • Hun Batz
  • Anhur
  • Bacchus

But wait, there’s more!

You thought HiRez was just going to leave you with a new(-ish) God, a completely remade map, a golden cowboy, shop remake, UI  overhaul and three new voice packs? Ha! You obviously don’t know HiRez.

For god fixes, stat changes and the complete scoop of what’s new, definitely check out the OFFICIAL PATCHNOTES



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