How viable is Counter-Jungling?


How viable is Counter-Jungling?

Hey guys, Vexx Thunderfeat here this time with an article on how me and my team feel about counter-jungling. Before we get started I would just like to give a shout out to Vexx Exdee and Vexx Mischkit, our team’s junglers, for providing me with a lot of this information.

Counter-Jungling is often an effective strategy that consists of invading the enemy neutral camps in order to steal gold and experience income from the other team.  Because of the strategy’s inherent high-risk, high-reward attitude, it needs to be executed carefully as well as efficiently. In many mobas, counter-jungling is viable off the start because there are extremely critical jungle camps; however, Coast City does not offer such a circumstance.  The only exceptional camp in Coast City is the Elite Camp, which gives extra gold and experience.  While it would be beneficial to take it off the start, the Elite Camp is in a high-trafficked area and often warded or started by the enemy jungler or junglers.maps-update_coast-city_image counter jungling

Coast City’s map alters at the 5-minute marker, power relays spawn and terrain is destroyed, and the 10-minute marker when Doomsday Device is activated. The key ganking routes are blocked until the 5-minute marker; therefore, early jungling is closely related to laning.  With this being said, the whole field of terminology has been altered.  Counter-jungling is not a swift denial of experience and gold; it entails a fight.  When an enemy jungler gets caught out, you are able to counter-jungle. When and enemy jungler dies in a gank, you counter-jungle. After the game has progressed, it will become clear which team’s junglers have more power, and they will sit in the enemy jungle in order to steady their farm while simultaneously denying enemy income.

Based on the map’s structure alone, counter-jungling is realistically only viable if full vision of the enemy team is acquired. Having your relay is essential while having theirs is ideal before counter-jungling.  Proper warding and the use of Gaslight Catwoman’s X-ray vision are necessary to successful counter jungling. Remember, counter-jungling equally relies on your vision as well as the enemy’s. Effective wards and keeping track of your opponents cool downs can make your counter-jungling life easier.

There are certain times when counter-jungling is optimal:  You know the enemy junglers have backed, the enemy junglers are ganking, or you are winning the jungle. If your jungle composition is able to 2v2 and win, or if you have 2 junglers to their 1, then counter-jungling becomes necessary. Coast City practically redefines the concept of counter-jungling because most MOBA’s connote subtlety and wit, but the map is simply too small to sneak around to steal a camp. Jungle camps will be fought over in high-end play because the one camp advantage leads to a snowball effect.

Pros & Cons of Counter-Jungling


  • Proper counter-jungling allows your junglers to snowball, while weakening their jungler at the same time
  • Allows your laners to play aggressively if they know the enemy jungler/junglers are not much of a threat.
  • Allows your team to dictate the pace of the match with map vision, control of relays, the doomsday device, and keeping timers on the enemy elite camp.


Counter jungling extreme
Extreme Counter Jungling



  • Getting caught out leaves you in a difficult predicament, because the enemy team will be able to react to your position quicker, and easier than your own team.
  • Counter-jungling can easily backfire, and if not executed properly can shutdown both of your team’s junglers.
  • Failed/Unsuccessful counter-jungling may leave you low health or dead, forcing you to back, or spawn. Thus greatly lowering your CPM (Credits per minute).
  • Unsuccessful counter-jungling leaves you behind, and weak. Forcing you to play catch up, and limiting how effective you can assist your laners.
Getting Caught at Jungle
Getting Caught at Jungle

All in all, we at Vexx feel that counter-jungling, like many things in moba’s is situational. It is a very aggressive tactic, and we tend to choose our counter-jungling opportunities cautiously. With the way Coast City plays we feel it is much more viable to ward up, and protect your own jungle. Although great rewards come to those who seek them, so choose your opportunities wisely.

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