How to Change Language On League Of Legends

How to Change Language On League Of Legends

For those who are playing at Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South or perhaps Brazil. The client won’t let you to change the language to “English”.  But, worry not if you follow this guide i will teach you how to change the language to English wherever you play. (This is not illegal or anything), look the video above for more recent guide how to change the language & sounds.




1) As you can see, when you select Server and language via the Launcher, there is no option for English in Regional Settings. So you close the launcher and the game (If its open).



2) Next you want to go to your Local Disk mine being (C:) you have to find “Riot Games” folder open that. (Note, this is different folder compared to, which you have in Program Files)



3) Now that you have opened the Riot Games folder and League Of Legends folder inside that, there should be folders and 2 application files as you can see on the image. Now you want to go inside “Rads” folder.



4) A New folder with more sub-folders on it, but you can ignore all except “System” go inside the System folder now.



5) Now there is few files again and what you want to do is open “locale” file on notepad.

(Note; just in case you should make a copy out of it and put it somewhere safe).



6) So the notepad file should look something like that with that text on it if you have “Turkish Server” as default on the launcher. If you had Russian that would be ru_ru instead of tr_tr every language has their own. So what you want to do is change tr_tr to en_gb and the client will turn to English. After that save the file and close it.



7) Open the launcher again, now you have the Turkish Client in English. This also works other ways too, you can change EUW or EUNE to Turkish/Spanish/Portuguese or Russian if you want to. Or Perhaps changing Russian server to Turkish, there is multiple options for this. Now just click play button and go play!



Important Info!

  • If you change the region, you have to do the process all over again. So it practically resets each time to the default server language.
  • Language change, doesn’t change the actual news on the client.
  • The Language switch changes; Soundsets, tooltips, client buttons and descriptions inside the game.
  • If you change the language to English in Russian Server you’re are not able to see Russian Letters, instead you will only see [][][] boxes.
  • You’re able to see English letters in both Russian & English switched Clients.


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