How to Change Champion Voices in League Of Legends

How to Change Champion Voices in League Of Legends

For those who are playing in EUW, EUNE or NA might want to spice their player experience or perhaps don’t speak English as first language. In this guide i will show you guys how to change Champion & Announcer voices to different language without changing client language. There is multiple different language options from Korean, Chinese, Russian, Czech whatever you choose to replace the English champion voices.

Changing Champion Voices

First you have to download latest Java version (most people have this already) and the actual program that does all the job for you LVOC. The program is currently running on both Windows and MAC as of right now.

  1.  Download the program and unzip the file (7zip is a good program for that)
  2.  Open LVOC application and setup the League Of Legends folder (By default it shouldn’t install the game into program files, its under folder Riot Games)
  3.  Setup your local Language that is on client
  4.  Check up from settings whatever you want to change announcer and champion voices
  5.  You are able to set which champions get their voice changed, you can choose multiple combinations, but that might not work
  6.  Hit the Change button and let it do its magic and after this run the game
  7.  Remember that the client still stays in English but Pick & ban phase sounds are changed among the ingame sounds


Recent Patches

You can view all the recent patch notes from if you want to be more on the loop, but remember the program has auto update feature. Everytime riot does change audio stuff its very likely that the program won’t be working until the developer fixes it.

v2.0.2 (26th July, 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where LVOC wasn’t changing the Announcer audio again. This shouldn’t happen again unless Riot makes a significant change to the format of the files.
  • Added the ability to change each champion’s language individually. For example, Ahri to Korean, Yasuo to Chinese, Fiora to French, etc. You can find this setting by going to the “Settings” tab and clicking “Select Champions”. (Note: Announcer language will still be whatever you selected as the main language to change to).
  • Temporarily disabled Advanced Mode, as it’s no longer useful in its current state and seemed to cause more problems than it solved. It’ll be re-implemented once it’s improved.

v2.0.1 (15th June, 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where LVOC wouldn’t change newer audio files (mostly the announcer). For those who are familiar, this is the bug that started happening a couple days ago.
  • Optimized the error report feature, so that it sends much faster.
  • LVOC will no longer bother trying to change the announcer audio if you selected Chinese (the Chinese announcer literally only has like 3 lines of VO for the start of the game, the rest of it is english).





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