How it Feels – Awesomenauts Patch 1.21

Now that the patch has had some time to be thoroughly tested we can now make some good judgements about the buffs and nerfs.  Please note these opinions are all based on my own experience in game and how it really feels.  I also omitted some reactions to certain patch notes which I deemed not all that important or if they were more of a bug/exploitation fix.

In case you don’t know the patch notes click here for a link to them.

General Balance and Gameplay

-Med-i’-can healing reduced from 120 health per min. to 100 health per min.

At max level Med-i’-can you now heal 200HPM instead of 240HPM.  I don’t feel too much of a difference especially since the tweak was fairly small(3.33HPS compared to 4HPS).  The main thing it does is make Med-i’-can slightly less of a hard counter to DoT.

-Baby Kuri Mammoth effect increased from 17% to 20%

Even though Baby Kuri Mammoth got the buff it deserved it’s still feels way too situational to really have too much of a use.

-Starting Solar increased from 200 to 235 -Piggy bank Solar reduced from 150 to 115 Solar -Solar tree Solar regen reduced from 23 per min. to 20 per min. Solar tree price reduced from 75 to 50 Solar

These feel like good changes.  These changes really help make Solar Items much less mandatory. 

-Back turrets health increased from 1000 to 1200 hitpoints

This change gives the defending team a little more time to recover since the turrets will take longer to destroy.  It isn’t too noticeable but a couple seconds can really make a difference in this game.

-Turret bullets now have increased homing

This was a great addition to the game as it punished turret cheesers(attacking the turret without any droids while taking low or no damage) much more since before you could actually dodge some of the bullets while fighting the turret alone allowing you to stay there for longer and deal much more damage.  The only problem with this is the bullets look a mess when doing a 90 degree turn and the art should really be looked into.

-Power pills price reduced from 135 to 120 Solar per stage (turbo and light) -Power pills turbo health increased from 18 to 20 per stage

Buffing pills was a great thing to do as now they are a lot more cost effective for what they do and are much more viable.  Combine this with Solar items being less mandatory and you get an upgrade getting used a lot more.

-Jump Pads at the base are now color coded and can only be used by the home team

This change was implemented to make attacking the base more punishable and not let the attacking team have a free ride to safety when they got too low on health or wanted to escape.  The change really helps the defending team and makes snowballing games slightly harder to do.


The new team-coloured jump pads at base.


-Power converter healing reduced from 20 to 15 per stage -Base health reduced from 225 to 205

I don’t mind these changes since it makes Clunk a lot more killable maxing out at 385 instead of 429 while still making him a very tanky character.

-Blueprints container now reduces incoming damage by 40%

Reflect on Self-Destruct was ridiculous as it allowed him to be a ridiculous counter to certain characters namely Derpl.  Turning it into a shield keeps it as a defensive tool but also does not become a huge hard counter.


-Hover cat replaced by Fat Cat, which adds an explosive cat to your main cat shot dealing 20 damage for 185 Solar -Catcat replaced by Split Personality Cat, which splits cat bullets into two lesser bullets (35% damage) on impact, which will fly out on the opposite side of the target

These replaced the two useless upgrades on Derpl.  Fat Cat is very powerful for a non-cat build since it allows your cats to actually be able to deal decent damage in the early game without investing too much Solar into cats.  Split Personality Cat has pretty much the same use as Fat Cat but is always up and never on a cooldown.  Both additions have a great use right now and are definitely better than the previous upgrades.


Derpl’s new cat upgrades Fat Cat(left) and Split Personality Cat(right).


I’m gonna do Voltar differently since he got a rework.  First off Voltar got his Healing Wave changed greatly.  It can now be charged up to get a stronger heal with the strongest heal taking 2.2s to get to.  At base Voltar’s Healing Wave can heal 2-9HP(+3 on Awesomenauts) and the upgrades Happy Thoughts and Euphoric Thoughts now raise the maximum heal.  The changes really help make Voltar much more useful in the early game although his Solar gain has been increased without any price adjustments.  This may be a problem but I feel we should wait a little longer to comment on that.  One of my favorite parts about the new Healing Wave is the ability to have control over Psychokinetic Repulsion since it now only activates after 0.85s making the upgrade more controllable and fixing the accidental knocking the opponent back while trying to heal teammates.  The last thing I will talk about for Voltar is the new amiable Suicide Drones.  You can now point and click to where you want your drones to explode.  I do feel the range may be a little too much but it feels very solid at the moment making Voltar’s drones a much more reliable burst.


Voltar can now charge up his Healing Wave and turns into a green LED light when he is full charged.


-Flashy glasses now give a flat amount of Solar (3) -Flashy glasses price reduced from 115 to 60 Solar

This nerf to Flashy Glasses was implemented to control the Solar gain Raelynn could achieve.  Flashy Glasses used to be a percent based upgrade meaning it’s potential scaled with the damage.  This quickly became problematic as at max damage Flashy Glasses would give Raelynn over 5 Solar per target hit making her snowball way out of control.  The upgrade definitely still feels viable and is much more fair than it was before.

-Snipe now takes 0.3s longer to arm -Base snipe range reduced by 1

These nerfs did make sense but I do have a complaint about one of them.  Both of the nerfs were implemented because Raelynn’s Snipe was essentially “if you are on my screen I already hit you”.  This makes Snipe require more skill than before since it was so easy to land.  I don’t feel the range nerf was necessary because it makes Snipe much less of a finisher and more of a mid range burst without the range upgrade.  I will have to re-learn Raelynn this patch to get used to the new Snipe and the same goes to many other Raelynn players.

-Base slow on time rift increased by 5% -Retrospace ship time slowing reduced from 10% to 5% per stage -Retrospace ship price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar

This buff is very noticeable.  Base Time Rift was almost useless at 60% slow.  A 5% increase may not seem like much but because of the way time modifiers work it is a very noticeable buff.  The changes to Retro Spaceship were to lower the max slow by 5%.


Due to the recent nerfs Raelynn players will have to be more careful when using Snipe.


-Spacetime Continuity Device now grants debuff immunity to you while being in the time warp for 200 solar, duration on warp is removed. -Pod Pack Deluxe is now Pod Pack Deluxe With Banana and grants Yuri lifesteal on his laser while time warp is active (65% of damage)

Duration being removed is ok in my opinion.  It could immobilize enemies for a long time and it was a great escape for Yuri.  The new upgrade lets Yuri be immune to one of the most annoying things for him: CC.  Pairing this with PPDWB will allow you to be much more sustainable in the fights.


-Base health regen reduced from 352 health per min to 300 health per minute -Gnaw now regens one turret part every 12 sec. -Base spit damage reduced from 35 to 30 damage, duration from 10s to 9s

The regen on Weedlings now is hardly noticeable when being attacked and are no longer incredibly hard to kill without burst but is still powerful enough to keep Weedlings strong enough to be able to stay alive.  Turret parts regenerating every 12 seconds helps when Gnaw can’t go out to get parts when defending the base/turrets.  The Weedling changes feel like they were going in the right direction but Weedlings do need some buffs for the late game.

Final Verdict

The patch feels like one of the good patches so far.  Almost no questionable changes have been made and the patch is feeling solid.  There are definitely a few things that haven’t been fixed yet but it will come in the upcoming patches.



Hobospider is a casual gamer who also loves watching competitive DOTA2. He likes to play games on his spare time and prefers gaming on the PC. He prefers Indie games over triple-A and does not like FPS games too much.

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