GoD Factory: Wingmen Starts Another Kickstarter


GoD Factory: Wingmen Starts Another Kickstarter

Just 2 days ago Nine Dot Studio started GoD Factory Kickstarter project again, due not able to get the funding last time. They were able to collect $33,247 last time, which is almost 50% what they are searching for.

This time things are different. They have re-designed rewards system, also you get instant access to the Closed Beta if you donate now. I played the game myself and i can’t say its very noob friendly since its designed for Hardcore players (Getting a joystick is advised). I’m going to break down the rewards system below and hopefully you guys can donate to this project. Kickstarter Page can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/271033429/god-factory-wingmen-0?ref=category

Also check out our previous interview with Nine Dot Studios here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/271033429/god-factory-wingmen-0?ref=category

Reward System

  • All our backers will also be thanked in the game’s credits.

Pledge $1 or more: Supporter

Pledge $15 or more: Early Bird

Pledge $20 or more: Rookie Pilot

  • Anyone who makes a pre-order of the game also buys his way into the alpha that will be released in October. You also get an exclusive cosmetic addition only available to backers: a Wing Lamp that adds a flare effect in front of your ship.

Pledge $30 or more: Certified Pilot

  • We made four unique ships, one for each species, available only to kickstarter backers and early buyers (but Kickstarter backers get it at a discount). These ships are made from the three major visual ship parts, which are the wings, the hull and the cockpit.
  • We also add to the mix a highly reflective, unique “Super-Copper” material that you can apply to any of your ships.

Pledge $50 or more: True Wingman

  • Get 4 licenses, so that you may share the game with your friends. They will all have access to the alpha and beta.
  • You also get the exclusive “Super-Silver” material to apply to your ship and a vanity item that will add a blazing fire to your trails.

Pledge $100 or more: Veteran Wingman

  • Not only do you get all the previous rewards, you also get all future expansions and DLC to the game. We intend to support the game for a while and frequently update with new content, and it will all be available to you without spending one dime more.
  • You also get all 4 unique ships, and the unique super-gold material to apply to your ship.

Pledge $250 or more: Galactic Superstar

  • There are big billboards on space stations and satellites that will appear in some level environments. These billboards will shuffle through a bank of images. You get to provide us with an image of your choice (we need to approve of the image first) and your image will be displayed on those billboards. You would like to promote your own game? You want to make a joke to make our players laugh? You like kittens? Show it on our billboards!
  • You also get a vanity item that alters your ship by adding big Diamond gems to your ship.

Pledge $400 or more: The Astronomer

  • You get to design your own stellar Constellation, which all players will see in the sky surrounding the battlefield. You will have a maximum of 12 stars for your constellation. Note that not every constellation will necessarily appear at the same time in every match.
  • You will also get a Vanity Item that produces an Ornate Luminous Haloon your ship.

Pledge $1000 or more: The Terraformer

  • For this amount, you can either design a custom Planet that will be up for everyone to see in the game *or* a custom Vanity Item, similar to the other vanity rewards such as fire trails, diamond chunks, star flares in front of your wings, etc. Tell us what you’d like to see, if it’s reasonable we’ll do it. We won’t do anything offensive or which concerns intellectual properties we do not own the rights to. The planet will not appear in every match and will be one of the randomly shuffled level element.

Pledge $2000 or more: Patron of the GoDly arts

  • Design a GoD Monument (instead of a Planet or a Vanity Item), which are absolutely ASTRONOMICAL statues or monuments. These colossi have a big visual impact on levels, even more so than planets or space stations, and will usually be the main piece in a level environment. Just like the planet, the GoD Monument will not appear in every match. It will be one of the random elements that composes a level’s environment. Believe us, all players take notice when a GoD is there. In some cases, we might even be able to animate the GoD monument, depending on the complexity of the concept.

Pledge $5000 or more: Fleet Admiral

  • Design a new Carrier Cannon (instead of a planet, vanity item or GoD) This cannon will have its own unique shape and projectile special FX. You also choose whether this cannon will only appear on your side when you’re part of a match, or if every player in the game has access to it.

Pledge $8000 or more: The Omnipotent

  • For this much, we actually make a game that will be available in our game. In the Crew Quarter menu, where a player can see his stats, trophies and codex entries, there will be an arcade cabinet which can be selected to play a game. This game will be your idea, which must not take more than 2 weeks to make. We’ll discuss this at length to make sure it ends up being something you’re satisfied with, but you need to have realistic expectations. This arcade cabinet will be available for any player to try.


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