God Of Destiny Enters 2nd CBT Phase with New Map

p4God Of Destiny Enters 2nd CBT Phase with a New Map

God Of Destiny 2nd Closed Beta has started in Taiwan, April 30th. This new test introduces brand new map called “Abyssal Edge“, which is very similar to League Of Legends Howling Abyss (ARAM). The game mode is practically aimed to be fun mode, there is no information how many players it can have though.

Also there is other updates to the game in 2nd CBT, such as improvements to the Optimization in the game (Graphics) & Interface. Also new lobby system which is practically matchmaking. Along with League system where you can que up with team mates to games. Also new character making its way to God Of Destiny, the Thunder Kid. Stay tuned for more information Regarding God Of Destiny, expect more news about Western release in near future.




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