Free Dreadknight Garen

Get Free Dreadknight Garen Skin

Riot Games has started a promotion in European Servers (EUW & EUNE) where your able to get free Dreadknight Garen Skin. In order to get this skin you have to follow Riot’s Newly established League of Legends EU Twitter. You can do the redeem process here –

There was some community concern with woobox permissions: This app will not post or follow on your behalf (after the initial @loleu follow). The app just needs those permissions to function.

Update: Now available via all regions including North America (NA). Get your free skin at

When you redeem this code at the code section you will also gain Garen too (Well this applies to every skin code redemption). Remember that these codes are not redeemable in any other servers than EUNE and EUW.

To Get Skin at Turkish Server go here –

To Get Skin at Russian Server go here –

DreadKnight Garen Trivia

  • This skin is obtainable for free if you follow League of Legends on Twitter.
  • In his skin arts he is holding his sword in his left hand, but in-game he holds it in his right hand. Similar to Rugged Garen.
  • It is most likely a reference to the class Death Knight from World of Warcraft. His gear closely resembles their gear and he has the typical Death Knight’s glowing blue eyes.
  • He shares this theme with


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