Games Of Glory – Patch Notes

Games Of Glory – Patch Notes3

There’s still a lot of work left to do to help players understand in detail everything that’s going on in the game. The integration of “State Thumbnails” is a step forward, and should help you understand the effects that different skills and weapons are having on your clone. These are only a first version, and they still require improvement, but we wanted to present them to you as soon as possible.



Molly – Skills now scaling on Skill Effects rather than on Energetic Attack
Molly’s Energetic Attack is naturally fairly high, which makes her extremely effective with weapons like the sniper or the rocket launcher. Her skills were previously based on that same characteristic, so there were no hard choices to make, and that made Molly very powerful. Now, when playing Molly, you’ll have to make a choice: prioritize her weapons or her skills?

Xeruud – Nerfed Ulti
Xeruud’s poison is a real plague to his enemies, and that’s how it’s meant to be. But his ulti, Toxic Swamp, was just too strong, leaving few chances for survival to those who took it on. A little less damage, a little less slowing, and a slightly longer cooldown should leave Xeruud a little less toxic, in all senses of the term.

Byorn – Medpacks Enhancement
In comparison with the heavy damages that can be inflicted almost instantly by certain champions, Byorn’s heal, applied overtime, wasn’t carrying its weight. A few more HP healed with every tick couldn’t do any harm (in fact, just the opposite).

Deadball – Now with more balls !
Deadball’s projectile is easy to use, although it doesn’t inflict a lot of damage. We’ve reduced it’s cooldown, so that it can really become his signature move!

Pinto – Jump around
Pinto’s Sidestep is one of the most powerful escape mechanics of the game. We’ve increased the cooldown slightly so that Pinto doesn’t become (too much) of unstoppable grasshopper by the end of the game.

Pinto and Koinchura – Reduction of hitbox and projectiles Pinto’s Trick Shot and Koinchura’s Lover’s Amazement create projectiles with a large hitbox, making them easy to use at a distance, but complicated to use in melee. A light reduction to these two hitboxes should help to rectify the situation.

New Clone – Thror


In our production of Games of Glory, we prioritize the content that seems most important to us. When a weapon bugs and become unusable, we have to repair it. When a clone starts acting in an unacceptable way, we have to change it. When a feature creates muddled feedback, it has to be clarified.

Thror has existed for a long time now, more than 6 months, but we wanted to produce and correct many other things before finalizing him. And now, it’s done! (even if he is still missing a voice and sound effects…)

Thror is a fighter in the same category as Pinto. He’ll do heavy damages given the opportunity, but will be fragile enough and easy to eliminate when caught in the wrong position. He’s an energy specialist who will be at ease with snipers, rocket launchers, and daggers. But we shouldn’t forget about his ability to do damage with his Q and Ultimate skills. Energy Attack, Skill Effects, both? Your choice of stuff will depend on your style of play and the composition of your team.


Q – Unstable Bolt
Thror shoots pure energy in a long area in front of him, dealing 65 / 90 / 105 / 120 (+SE) energy damage to all enemy units within it.

The launching of this “poke” immobilizes Thror for an instant, but the damages applied to all of the targets in zone should, when well placed, be sufficient to eliminate all of the neutral minions or deal quite a bit of damage in a teamfight, so long as it’s well positioned.

W – Space-time Distortion
Thror bends the space-time continuum around himself and teleports to a designated position.

A mechanism for escape as well for instant engagement, this skill should give Thror the mobility that he needs.

E – Potential Power Focus
Thror fills his attacks with pure energy. For 4 seconds, his Energy Attack and Skill Effects is increased by +10/12/14/16.

Drastically augmenting his skills for a few moments, but endowed with quite a long cooldown, this skill should be used at the right moment: just before a teamfight or well-reasoned energetic skill combo.

R – Overload
Thror releases a huge energy wave around himself, dealing 150 / 170 / 190 / 210 (+SE) energy damage, pushing and slowing enemy units by 15 / 19 / 23 / 27% for 2 / 2,5 / 3 / 3,5 seconds

It would be shame to use this skill only for its damages. Excellent in combination with Space-time Distortion, Thror’s ultimate can be used to push back enemies attempting to escape your allies’ grasp.


New shotgun behavior
The first version of the shotgun functioned a little bit like a “real” shotgun: it projected numerous rays, each inflicting a certain quantity of damage. We had two problems with this vision:

  1. The visual effect of the shot didn’t really show users its behavior
  2. If a Clone was only hit by only one or two rays, the damages were too feeble, whereas when the Clone was shot at point-blank range, the damages were just too high.

This led us to recast the behavior of the shotgun. In this new version, a fixed amount of damages are applied depending on the position of the target relative to the shot. image

In the maximum damage zone, 100% of the weapon’s damages are applied, versus 70% in the mid damage zone, and 40% in the low damage zone. These values can be adjusted later on, but this behavior seems to better correspond to the feeling we wanted for the shogun in Games of Glory, and largely reduced the gat between the minimum and maximum damages that can be inflicted.

Furthermore, with this new system, all of the targets in the zone of effect are touched. The unique property “Perforating Buckshot” thus becomes the basic property of all shotguns.

Balancing of the rocket launchers and snipers
Rocket launchers are easy to use, while snipers are very difficult. By reducing the damage and the area of effect of the former, and augmenting the initial damage of the latter, we want to give an equal interest to all of the weapons in the game, so that you can choose a weapon based on your style, your clone, and your team, without having to question the value of your weapon mid-battle. All weapons should be effective.

Graphical: 6 New Weapons

The graphical assets for six weapons have been newly integrated to the game: the Flash Beam, the HP Bolter, the Point Focus, the Psionic Thief, the RAP Vintovka EX, and the Sound Twister.





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