Games Of Glory Launches Kickstarter

Games Of Glory Launches Kickstarter

Intense arena battles with friends in a persistent sci-fi universe. Be a star or a manager and influence the future of the Synarchy! Go here to participate on Kickstarter project –

  • A multiplayer battle arena where players fight as clone controllers in futuristic gladiator games.
  • Controls inspired by hack & slash games like Diablo, with the teamwork aspects of League of Legends and DoTA2.
  • Fast action, exchangeable weapons, and free aiming à la shooters.
  • A persistent science fiction world where all players will influence the future of the Synarchy and the Games of Glory.
  • A replication of the “sports” infrastructure inside the game, where players can take on roles such as Club president, star player, or trainer/coach.
  • A community-centered project where development is done interactively with the fans.
  • Multiplayer: Online team-based arena battles plus single player and co-op practice sessions
  • Exchangeable weapons: Around 50 weapons to choose from, each with different game play
  • Dynamic arenas: Interact tactically with a changing environment
  • Political and economic factions: Players’ support for different factions decide the future of the Synarchy and the evolution of the game
  • Stars and managers: A re-creation of the “sports” infrastructure — create or join Clubs to become a star player, coach, or Club president
  • Quests: Through quests, players get to discover history and conflicts within the Synarchy, and can support different factions
  • Personalization: Possibility to personalize Clones and arenas
  • Mechanics for a positive community: Game mechanics give people reason to behave positively to avoid the trolls

The Games of Glory are the gladiator games of the Synarchy, the intergalactic empire controlled by the seemingly all-powerful Synarch. The Synarch imposes peace over all in his dominion, and protects them from the Exoi. The Games of Glory serve as an outlet for citizens to blow off steam as well as a medium to resolve large-scale disputes. The winners gain fame and money, as well as political influence.

We are working together with science fiction writer Ayerdhal to create a rich living universe, and to develop vivid backgrounds and stories around the key actors, whether it be Clones, Factions, or Corporations.

The Synarch's Guard Clones
The Synarch’s Guard Clones

A player will be able to impact the future of the Synarchy by choosing to support different Factions. A player with more fame will have more impact over the future of the Synarchy, but everyone will be able to influence its direction. Each conflict will take place over a certain time, and as the winning Faction is determined, the game world will change. This way, not even we know what the future holds for the peoples of the Synarchy.

Also, players will be able to discover the stories of the Synarchy through various quests related to the different Factions and Clones. Some themes we will be covering are:

  • Expansion of the Synarchy: Will the Synarchy invade new planets, or will they manage to remain independent?
  • Personal vendettas: Who is the most glorious/evil/magnanimous of the luminaries in the Synarchy?
  • Trade rights and monopolies: Who will gain access to the riches of scarce minerals and exotic aliens?

Games of Glory is introducing a system of Clubs and organizations that will give players the ability to join or create a Club. A Club serves as a mix of a clan in World of Warcraft and an organization in Eve Online. They can be just a group of friends playing together, or a serious enterprise trying to gain fame and rise in the rankings. We are giving our players the tools to try to become either a star player, a coach, or a Club president. Clubs thus have not only a social and an economic function, but an in-game one as well.

As a club grows and becomes better known, the benefits of belonging to the club increase as well. Members of a large and famous Club gain credits and experience faster. Clubs can create their own unique Skins and Club Emblems, as well as personalize their stadium. With your help, they will also be able to create their own maps!

A minute ( — or maybe 5) to learn, but a life-time to master: this is part of our design vision for combat mechanics. Part of what sets GoG apart are its controls and the ability to change weapons within the match. We put a lot of thought into creating weapons with different types of game play, like shotguns that push back enemies, weapons that slow, do area of effect damage, etc. There are around 50 different weapons. Each Clone comes with a set of unique abilities that allows for many interesting combinations based on team members, enemies, and weapons selected.

This is what happens when we give our animator 3 days to play around...
This is what happens when we give our animator 3 days to play around…

We are truly focused on giving the community the chance to create their own content. The first step is to give the ability to personalize Clones with different skins. In addition to skins with different mix-and-match parts, we are also creating Club Skins, where players can create their own unique Club “clothes”. On top of this, we want to bring modding tools to the community, but for that we will need your support! We also want to create a community system for adding content to the game. For this as well we depend on your pledge!

The Synarch’s Guard are those chosen to protect the Synarch from all threats. Usually recruited from foreign barbarian worlds, they are loyal only to the Synarch. Regardless of who they once were, all members leave their old name and history behind, and take a new name from the culture of Svandia.

From the independent planet of Kantour come the champions hand-selected by the Council of Elders. Their task: win the battles of the arena and the support of the people to keep their verdant planet out of the Synarchy’s grasp.

The Kshanti, the ancient race making up the Synarchic council, have decided  to “recruit” a number of the most dangerous criminals to the arena. They are all prisoners from a High-Security prison: the Dead End.

This young colony, located on the ocean planet Skiutera and organized as an economic consortium, is undergoing a period of phenomenal growth.To raise their profile, the colonial government has decided to send some native Skiuteran creatures to the arena.

Khain Corp is the leading transportation and security company in the Synarchy. The corporation has sent the Clones of some of their most ferocious fighters to fight in the arena, as a form of extreme commercial lobbying.

Our community focus is built into the game through its persistent universe, and we include the fans of Games of Glory in our extended development team. We depend on you to finish the game and to make it the best it can be. We want to give the community lots of influence!

A custom skin selected by the community
A custom skin selected by the community

One problem with existing competitive games are toxic players. We are building in-game mechanics that reward good behavior and create a virtuous cycle. Community rating of players will create reputations for people and make it easier for the nice guys and girls to get accepted to the best Clubs.

We have already invested our soul, 1 & 1/2 years of our time, and quite a lot of our money into Games of Glory. To be able to take the game from a very fun to play Alpha game to a polished, finished game, we need your help! We also want to work with you to make sure the game is the best arena battle game there is. Please pledge, even $5 helps!

The Games of Glory E-Shop
The Games of Glory E-Shop


Lightbulb Crew consists of a number of members with a lot of experience surrounded by young, talented people. We are united in our passion for video games in general, and of course, specifically Games of Glory. At Lightbulb Crew we are truly a Crew, and not a dictatorship. Everyone’s opinion is heard and taken into account. We also include the community in our Crew, and we seek the help of our community to guide us in our decisions.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Making a video game is a work of love, but it is important not to get blindsided. Based on the experience of the team we have been working to avoid the major pitfalls in game development. Here is how we have approached some of the issues :

Through iterative development we are avoiding unforeseen difficulties that lead to increased development time and higher costs. Also, as we have had hundreds of people try the game now, we know what is left to be done (and it is a lot).

The community and testing are the keys to making good design choices and avoiding poor decisions that lead to a game experience that is not as fun/rewarding as we intended. We have had people try the game out since the prototype stage to understand what works and what doesn’t. We are continuing to work with the community in our forums to help us make the right choices.

The team has experience from both AAA games as well as online games with millions of users, which is why we have created a scalable back-end solution to avoid issues when the number of players increases.

In the end we are confident that with your help we will succeed to deliver a great game !!



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