Riot Giving out Free Riot Tristana Skins

Free Riot Girl Tristana Skin

Some people probably remember when i posted how to get Unchained Alistar and Dreadknight Garen. I decided to add this 3rd final skin by Riot Games, which is free and only you pretty much have to do is to like their Facebook page on this one. Lot of people keep talking about the game being P2W, but atleast you can get three pretty decent champions who are actually somewhat strong in League Of Legends currently. Anyhow read down below how to obtain this skin.

North America (NA) Link –

Europe North & East (EUNE) Link –

Europe West (EUW) Link –

Oceania (OCE) Link –

After this you will get code, which you have to use in “Redeem Code” section at Shop inside League Of Legends. This will also give you the champion inside the package (this being the case with every skin code).

As for Turkey, Brazil and Latin America they have their own special skins, which you can obtain through the Facebook promotion. I will probably make post out of those later. Remember that you can only once redeem the code per Facebook account, if you have multiple Facebook accounts you can redeem many as they have (sometimes they run out).



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