Failure Called Guardians Of Middle-Earth


Failure Called Guardians Of Middle-Earth

Guardians Of Middle-Earth was released on December 4th, 2012 to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was made by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Development. The game is based on one of the most epic fantasy stories ever written The Lord Of the Rings.  The game definitely feels like a LoTR game, make no mistake about that, however that is not enough to save this game.

Guardians_of_Middle-Earth_screenshotIt’s graphics are mediocre at best, the gameplay is absolutely awful and the worst part is it’s the only MOBA on the market which you have to buy (Excluding Awesomenauts, which is a very cheap game). On top of that if you’re a XBOX 360 user, you must pay for a LIVE subscription, which is just going to increase the cost of playing this horrible game.To make matters worse, there is DLC for this game. If you want all of the features (including a 1 lane map reminiscent of the Warcraft 3 maps Enfos or 12 Blademasters) or characters you’re going to have to cough up even more money. There are 12 extra characters from Elrond to Gollum, but they cost about $2 or 2€ each.


As for now I do not believe a truly competitive MOBA could ever be released on consoles, GOMA being very good example. It’s very cheap license game where you are forced to use real money to get all the cha3uzjcvracters in the game, which is wrong. It has been proven very well that F2P is strongest model for MOBA games, S2 Games saw the error on their model on long run, when League Of Legends expanded rapidly hitting over 2 million players, while HoN had half a million. I Hope that new MOBA games won’t make same mistake as Guardians Of Middle-Earth did. Although it’s a totally different situation whereas an IOS game or something that costs under 5$, I would find that a reasonable price, a very good example being  Awesomenauts (was luckily able to buy that from Humble Bundle, if you haven’t heard of them please check them out at: really good deals sometimes).

But this is all my opinion, honestly about what is the best business model. I bet Monolith Productions made tons of money, but did they make tons of happy customers? I think not.

My ultimate conclusion is this, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, don’t waste your time on such pathetic thievery called Guardians Of Middle-Earth. The Best MOBAs currently are free and always will be on future and if this changes, then something has gone deeply wrong in the MOBA scene.

Thank you for reading this article. I would link you the game’s download link, but that would just be me contributing to this cancerous plague.



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