Eterlands Teaser


MOBA’s starting to be very saturated in 2014 apparently, just while ago Dead Island Epidemic, Deadbreed, Tome: Immortal Arena and many more announced. I believe this is a great thing overall, but in long run not all are going to survive, the competition is tough and developers will be fighting over fans, since these games tend to take lot of time and dedication so its bit rare that one person would play more than one moba at time (of course i’m one of the exceptions that play multiple). This course of competition will starve out smaller MOBA games out of the market (thats what i honestly believe).

As for Eterlands i don’t know much about it, based on the trailer. It feels like Teutonic/western fantasy setup, kinda like a Sins of the Dark Age. On the description it says the following:

Eterlands is the first game in which you can find the mixture of the RPG and a MOBA genre with a touch of strategy – Developers


What sort of RPG elements we can expect? MOBA games actually have lot of core RPG elements such as leveling, skills, races etc. So i’m not quite sure what they have in mind. As for graphics the terrain looks nice, but this is based on your preference so those who like more realistic approach than cartoon might be the thing for you. Nonetheless stay tuned for more Eterlands contents once more stuff is revealed.



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