Dragons and Titans: Hellfire Starter Pack Giveaway WINNERS!

Hellfire Starter Pack Giveaway WINNERS!

A little while back, we hosted a giveaway, and ten people won a Hellfire Starter Pack in Dragons and Titans. Here are the winners:


  • @evilmicky
  • @davidpradoneto
  • @raiuyoru
  • Igor Issa
  • Casey Liu
  • Gxt Ansa
  • Rakurim
  • Yura Filimonov
  • Elis Brockway
  • @Zengtz


Congratulations! If you won, check the email address you entered into the Rafflecopter giveaway. Simply reply to claim your prize and we’ll send you the code!

Thank you all for your support. We received over 300 entries! Best of luck to everyone next time.



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