Downfall of League Of Legends

Broken Promises Of Riot Games

The Countdown clock of death has started for a title that once was great and revolutionary and yes… i am speaking about League of legends here. I’m not claiming that the game is going to be dead after a week, month or a year, but right now game will face lot of decline for multiple reasons. I will talk about lot of the issues that have been on the back burner for quite sometime, which still to this day haven´t been fixed.

Below is a list of things that have been promised or been requested very heavily by the community which riot hasn’t done close to nothing about. Ive broken them down to two different categories things that people wanted to see and things Riot promised but never delivered on.


Broken Promises Of Rito

This is a list of all things that riot has said along the way that they would do, but didn’t or retracted their decision for whatever reason it may be. Of course they may change their opinions again so who knows really.

  • Achievements (Existed on client for long time & was suppose to be introduced but was scrapped by rito)
  • Magma Chamber (Epic 1v1 and 2v2 map that never saw daylight)
  • EUW Server Compensation (They said they would do that, but then decided wouldn’t)
  • Replay System (Situation for this rather unclear, but has been promised for long time now)
  • Honor System Rewards (Lyte promised for rewards for people who behave well in honor system)
  • Lifetime RP Rewards (Hippalus took all the money and flew to Cayman Islands, for reals they did broke this promise too)
  • Dominion Ranked (Now we don’t even have dominion left)



Community Requests

This is a list of stuff that community has requested for quite some time, but rito has either decided to ignore it or come up with bad reason not to do it. Ive breakdown this list into eSports, Client, gameplay/balance segments for better & easier reading.



  • Client Logout (Every game client today lets you have logout button without you having to close the game down)
  • Sandbox Mode (Lot of people feel that they need sandbox mode to improve and practice on, yet rito has been avoiding the request for quite some time)
  • Buy-able Smurf Accounts (People have requested option to buy already leveled to 30 account so they don’t have to ruin experience for newer players)
  • Expansion of Club System (Many people have been vocal about increase cap of people that can be invited to clubs)
  • European PBE Server (Riot has no interest in Europe pretty much)

Gameplay & Balance

These things are just few mentions of things that Riot Games has promised in the past, if you can remember things im happy to share them in this post (I´m still updating this)



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