Desecrator Support Guide



Desecrator Support Guide

Written by SneakyBeaver from  Face Your Fears


Dececrator is one of those few shapers that can can fit many roles, such as Jungle, offlane, and Support (Tactician). In this build we will look at how to play Desecrator in the hard support/initiator role.

Desecrator is one of the most annoying supports to face. He has great teamfight prescence and great Crowd Control. This guide will help you to get a basic understanding for Desecrator Tactician and will also learn you about different items and spells for different situations.


Desecrator strongly counters Moya, Nissa, Mikella, Freia because of his large amounts of Crowd Control (CC).

Desecrator is countered by Amarynth, Zeri, Kindra and Varion.


Spell Order

Level 1 Spell:

Deflect: Spell_Deflect
This spell is pretty much the key for most supports. It helps keep your team to stay alive by shielding  80 (+10 per level).

If you are running a trilane, make sure only 1 support gets shield.

If you are in a trilane then you should pick up the spell called:

Wither: Spell_Wither


Level 10 Spell:

Blink: Spell_Blink

This spell will allow you to teleport a short distant in or out of battle. This can be used to initiate team fights into your E and Q, or hop over a wall and disengage from a bad fight.


Level 20 Spell:

This is when you need to decide what spell you need depending on the situation.(Remember you can always sell spells!)

Tailwind: Spell_Tailwind

This is a good spell to pick up so you AND your team can chase down the enemy. Increases you and your teammates movement speed by 45% (This would be best to pick up if your team is ahead and is playing aggressive).


Bastion: Spell_Bastion
Are you dying alot? Time to pick up Bastion! This Spell will give you a shield that absorbs 100(+21 per level) and also gives you 20 armor + magic resistance. (This would be best to pick up if you are dying often).



Stagger: Spell_Stagger
This spell fires a bolt at the target, dealing 30 (+20 per level) magical damage and reducing their movement speed by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds. Stagger is useful for those fast enemies, but avoid getting if the enemy team are all using blink.


What skills to aquire first


Desecrated Ground (E): Should be what you pick up first. This can help the jungle get the buff fast, and also roots the enemy for 1 second. This is your best skill to initiate with for the most part.

Forgotten Tombs (Q): Should be your second choice. This is used to setup up fights/kills dealing good damage early game but falls of late game. It also knocks enemies into the air.  After landing your Desecrated Ground you should follow up with this.(situational)

Chilling Presence (W): I like to pick this up at level 5. Most of the time you won’t see much action before then, but you want it in teamfights! This has 2 effects:

  • Passive: Your basic attacks will “stupefy” your target. This does magical damage and also will silence them for 0.75 seconds but can only affect the same target every 5 seconds.
  • Active: Releases an AoE that will reduce all enemies attack and movement speed. This is good to use after you have thrown out both your Q and E, once you are in the middle of the fight it is time to use this ability to give your team all that much needed advantage!

Death Fog (R): This move is your ULTIMATE. You shoot out 1 corpse on your target location (3 separate shots). These corpses will create a small AoE that does damage over time and reduces magic resistance when the enemy team is standing in it. The key with this move is to use it early in a team fight, you will want to overlap them a bit to create a giant AoE that the other team is forced to fight in. Death Fog can also be used to deny area to an enemy around towers, Parasite, bushes, etc.


Recommended Level Order


Q: 2,4,8,13,17

W: 5,9,15,18,19

E: 1, 3,7,12,14

R: 6,11,16

(Again, this is situational but when playing a hard support Dececrator this is built to set up kills for your team).




Loadout: Force Bubble
This will allow you to take harass and just laugh it off. Since you will also be building tons of health to become THE tank, this is the best choice.

General Build:



Protection > Rebirth > Rampancy > Decay > Stamina > Oppression


Other good choices:


Adamance / Hope / Unity


Item Info:


Protection: Legendary_Protection

Effects: +375 Health, +20 Armor, +25 magic Resistance
Cost: 1965
Passive: Defensive Aura III: You and all nearby allies are granted 16 Armor and 24 Magic Resist.

Protection is a great starting item to build because of the bonus stats and aura for the team. Really strong start item if built fast.


Rebirth: Legendary_Rebirth

Effects: +460 Health, +35 Haste
Cost: 2465
Passive: From the Ashes: Dropping below 30% Health will cause you to recover 30% of Maximum Health over 5 seconds. This effect has a 120 second cooldown.

Rebirth is a good item to help keep you alive when you get low on health in those big team fights.


Rampancy: Rampancy

Effects: +625 Health
Cost: 2450
Passive: Consume III: When a nearby enemy dies there is a 100% chance that you will be healed for 25 Health.
Passive: Juggernaut: Grants 1.5% of Maximum Health as bonus Power

This item grants you lots of bonus Health and Haste. Plus both of the passives help big time with the added bonus power and health returned from nearby enemies die


Decay: Legendary_Decay

Effects: +40 Power, +25 Haste, +10% Defense Penetration
Cost: 3085
Passive: Expose Weakness II: Dealing damage reduces the target’s Armor or Magic Resist by 5% for 4 seconds, depending on if the damage dealt was physical or magical. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
Passive: Spririt Burn: Dealing damage with abilites will deal 4% of the target’s maximum Health over 4 seconds as magical damage. This damage is doubled for single target abilities (max: 320 total damage vs minions and creatures).

Dealing damage will reduce the target’s Armor or Magic resist depending on what type of attack you hit them with. (physical or magic) Also when dealing damage to enemies with your abilities will also cause a damage over time for 4% of their max health. The added haste and power are also nice, allowing you to hit harder and move faster.


Stamina: Legendary_Stamina

Effects: +330 Health, +30 Health, +20 Armor
Cost: 2350
Passive: Defensive Aura II: You and all nearby allies are granted 12 Armor and 17 Magic Resist.
Passive: You and all nearby allies have their Armor increased by 8%.

Stamina is another great health item that also will inreace your teams armor and resistance.


Opression: Legendary_Oppression

Effects: +225 Health, +50 Power, +35 Magic Resistance
Cost: 2860
Passive: Despair Aura: Nearby enemies have their Magic Resist reduced by 15.

Oppression gives you some nice extra health and bonus armor/resist. Plus the aura will help your team deal even more damage with abilities.




Thank you for Reading this guide written by SneakyBeavr from Face Your Fears e-Sport team.

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