Why Deadbreed was a Disappointment

Why Deadbreed was a Disappointment (Alpha)

When Deadbreed was announced I was hopeful that it could bring something new to the MOBA genre, and it did in some areas. That doesn’t help that Deadbreed was a huge disappointment to myself and a lot of gamers.

For instance customization was something I was hugely interested in when it was revealed, but customization isn’t really there. Sure you can purchase whatever items you want on your Breed like most MOBA’s, the difference being any character can be melee or ranged depending on what weapon you decide to buy. You might be saying, “But that is customization isn’t it?”. I won’t argue, it is customization, but not the kind of customization I was personally looking for.

Weapons and Armor do appear on your Breed and change the way you look in game. Personally, I was hoping for out of game customization too. Allowing me to personalize a Breed to my liking, separating me from other players. Maybe I’m asking for too much considering almost no MOBA’s offer any sort of customization in character appearance.

The gameplay is also disappointing. It was slow, unresponsive and not a whole lot of fun to play. Moving your Breed around the map felt sluggish and slow. Ranged weapons severely out did any melee weapons, making ranged the only choice if you wanted a chance to win. Fighting other players in the game was never exciting due to most skills were incredibly bland and generic. Only a few Breeds felt fun and interesting.

The general idea for gameplay was and is still interesting to myself at least. A point system and a time that counts down to the end of the match can make games feel tense and exciting. I enjoy that the enemy sentinel can be a challenge and isn’t just some structure to destroy. Does this make me want to play the game currently? In my opinion, No. Can this game still become something that people will want to play? Absolutely.

I have played the most recent patch (Released August 23rd, 2014) and it is a huge upgrade over the first released product. The game still needs a massive amount of work, but in time I do believe this game can be successful. I understand it is still in Alpha and has a lot of development time, and I wish the company the best of luck in turning this game and community into something special.

 You can purchase the game here – http://store.steampowered.com/app/277950/


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