DawnGate – New Skin: Dread Omens Zalgus

DawnGate – Introducing Dread Omens Zalgus

…he hurried through the burning halls of a shattered castle. He was frowning, irritable, trying to make notes on a ragged piece of parchment with only a stick of charcoal. The tails of his dark cloak snapped behind him in an ashen wind. Before him strode a familiar man in black and grey. He’d seen him somewhere, but the name evaded his tongue. As they walked, his companion spoke constantly, making sharp, rapid gestures. There came a rumble from the ceiling. The two glanced up, and just before the stones hit, he shoved the other man clear…

He startled awake, gasping.

Raina was still at the table, chin in hands over her book, candle burning low at depth of the hour. “Bad dream?” she said.

He pushed damp copper hair back off his forehead. “I don’t dream anymore. I see…” he paused, looking for the precise word. “Things that may be. Possible futures. If the right decisions are made.” He fingered a lock of hair, remembering the scent of burning. “Or the wrong.”

“So… omens, then?”

“Yes, Raina,” he said, annoyed. “’Omens.’ If you want to sound like some superstitious peasant.’”

*Also introducing a new ward, The Shield of Falkrent.*



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