DawnGate – Interview with Zwill & Dibs

WerdDawnGate – Interview with Zwill & Dibs

I had great pleasure going to Gamescom this year (again) and happened to meet lot of Waystone guys at DawnGate booth. Was able to get Zwill and Dibs to do an interview with me about the game and talk about future plans about DawnGate. Special Shout outs to Zekent, Pluutz, Zwill & Dibs

P.S –  I Wish i could have known my real name, would be same as upcoming shaper “Sakari” (while conducting the interview) her being a women was also very confusing experience for me.

Q: Rewinding few months back, you were searching for artists for the Living Lore Project, are you going to stick with Nick Kole for rest of the Prologue series or is the artist going to swap after Prologue? With multiple artists doing different stories?

  • Zwill: Right now we don’t have any plans changing Nick Kole, hes amazing and super talented artist and we are super happy with his work.
  • Dibs: We also have Lauren who does color for the Living Lore.

Q: What if Nick’s Arm gets broken or something? What happens then?

  • Zwill: <Laughs> Well i think we should take some insurance then!

Q: Other MOBA titles have been very aggressive about their Esports Approach, what is Waystone’s priority regarding this? Gameplay first or what?

  • Zwill: I don’t think making a really great game and developing Esports features are mutually exclusive. We have been actually doing both at the same time, we have caster mode in development which should release soon.

Q: How much do you look the other MOBA competition? Do you look their ideas and try to implement them to your game? Toxicity, balance and other things?

  • Zwill: We have said in the beginning that we are standing on the shoulders of giants and we have lot of respect for the games that came before us, obviously a lot of those guys do things right, but we want also make sure that we are doing things that are true to DawnGate and Waystone.
  • Dibs: All of the game designers look what came before you, people spent years, years and years try hopefully to make the right decision. Lot of the times you can learn from the issue they had and how they did they deal with it and ask yourself why? And save yourself lot of time by thinking these were the decisions that were done right and these are the things we would do differently to make our product.

Q: Recently i watched a video about Anxiety of Choice, which i felt can be easily related to MOBA games and your anxiety of choosing a spell, champion/hero/shaper or perhaps a loadout. Do you feel that DawnGate can be too flexible sometimes in terms of builds and choices you make?

  • Dibs: I actually really like having the tutorial push people to use recommended item system, thats what we intend for the character, Damage dealer going for damage dealing build etc. Allowing people built other type of builds like duress on anyone on any range support. It is really important that High level players have interesting & fun choices (Zekent Duress Dibs for instance). There is almost no item where you can say, that was useless choice for X character. We want to push recommended items for new players, but want to have diversity for those high level players still.

Q: In Dota and League you have items like Divine Rapier or Hurricane, which pretty much have singular purpose and do not give you multiple stats. In Dawngate it feels like that most of the items give too much different stats, which may lead that carries have more defensive stats and health, Do you feel this is the right way to go or should there be more items that have only 1-2 stats or 1 passive?

  • Dibs: This may be more of a question for Ghasty, but personally i feel those items are less interesting and less people buy them too, good example being Supremacy is like that 90 power item and most people don’t buy it, instead they purchase Wisdom. I find the stat mixing good long as its within primary purpose of the item, i’m more interested in diverse space where you can say i’m Flame Power Desecrator and i’m going to Power/armor or Power/Magic Resistance items and i still be tanky, long as it is not the optimal strategy to go with. As for Ranged Carries and Mage’s we don’t want their basic build path/meta build to be too tanky, if that happens something is clearly wrong. For example we have to make right Mage Intended build to be more appealing so the tank route doesn’t happen.

Q: Any cool features coming up soon?

  • Zwill: Casting Mode obviously, we are planning more Living lore votes, that is very exciting. Aside from that we are working on making the game perfect from all edges and of course we are still working on bot mode. The Progression update is in the works too, but we aren’t ready yet to talk about it, but i’m guessing we will be talking about it soon-ish. Also we are pulling out new shapers all the time of course!

Q: So what is going to be the shaper release schedule, we have seen that when League Of Legends reached ~100 champions they started to slow down quite a bit on the numbers, but also started to make more unique designs as well and complex gameplay characters. What is your take on this?

  • Dibs: It is very difficult to tell, personally i do not know why Riot is slowing so much down on the release speed. We might ran into same problems when we are about reach the same numbers as League has, but for now its really hard to tell, but we keep pushing shapers more.

Q: Some people have asked about buying a Hard Cover Book version out of the Living Lore? Do you have any plans to make something like this?

  • Zwill: It is a very requested item, all i can say licensing and all that DawnGate swag is that something we are talking about. But not something that is coming any time soon, i don’t think there is anyone in Waystone team who wouldn’t want to see Living Lore Prologue as Graphic novel or something like that.

Q: New loadouts coming? Anytime soon?

  • Dibs: We have few on the works in internal testing, but it has been bit of lack of resources issue, since Waystone Vex has been working on bots, but now that hes back we are looking into the Loadouts again. We are looking which ones are good enough to go live and which ones aren’t pretty much.

Q: Since you have EA backing you up? How easy it would be expand Asia, South America and other regions in the world and making DawnGate available there?

  • Zwill: Obviously, easy answer is that we are currently testing EU servers which been provided by EA Games, additionally we have EA teams in Brazil & Russia. As for Asia i’m not exactly sure how we would handle that, but we have very strong Business team which will get us best possible partners for DawnGate in Asia.

Q: Any updates on Referral Program? What sort of rewards could we see? Hard copy of living lore or such?

  • Zwill:  I would say Referral program is top end of our list and its something that we would like to have in the game. But now our priority is to create environment where referred and new players stick around playing the game (First time user experience). When that time comes i’m sure you creative design team will have awesome and rewarding stuff for our players.

Q: Like 5000 referrals = make your own shaper?

  • Dibs: <Laughs>
  • Zwill: Totalbiscuit would be top of that list probably (Reference that he got the referrals in league to design his champion, but Riot never gave that opportunity to him)


Hopefully everything that i translated here represents Dibs and Zwill’s answers accordingly, since it was done in audio i did swap places of few words there and there, but the answer itself shouldn’t be any different. To start playing DawnGate go here – www.dawngate.com










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