Core Masters Not Coming to Western World?

2_1Core Masters Not Coming to Western World?

Its been since July 23, 2013 that we got an update from Rock Hippo regarding release of Core Masters. That would mean its been 8 months since anything has been said or spoken about it in western world. Many times ive tried to contact Rock Hippo the publisher for information regarding their situation about the game, no answer so far.

The Korean website hasn’t had updates since October 2013, which is also pretty wierd for me. Maybe they are trying to release big update to the game and once its ready update the actual webpage. However this year Japanese Server for Core Masters opened around February and they actually showcased new Masters in the trailer what weren’t on Korean version, also newly updated splash arts, but some of the existing characters weren’t inside the Japanese version yet.

I also tried to contact Japanese Core Masters twitter about Western servers and this is what they replied to me.

I think there might be a funding problem perhaps or some problems with pmang about the game in Korea, which makes things harder for Rockhippo to release the game. Then again it could be completely Rock hippo’s fault for slacking off. Anyways best chance is to get a key to Japanese client and server via Gamepot here –




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