Chauster Retires from CLG


Chauster Retires from CLG

Today in CLG homepage it was announced that Chauster would retire and Bigfatlp would be moving to sub. The original source here:

Chauster was a founding member of Counter Logic Gaming along with HotshotGG, bigfatjiji, Kobe24, and Elementz. He has played his entire career, over three years, with CLG and is the final member of the original CLG roster which won WCG 2010 to step down from his starting role.

HotshotGG statement about Chauster leaving;

“Chauster has been an essential part of the team for a long time now, “He’s not only been a great teammate, but also a great friend (sorry about the fudge bars, RIP). I have nothing but respect for him for making this decision; CLG would not be what it is today without him. I wish him the best in whatever he decides to pursue next!” – George

In the beginning, Chauster burst onto the professional and quickly built a name for himself as an almost untouchable solo lane player. He along with bigfatjiji were considered two of the best individual players in the world and which led to his later nickname “Chauster the God.” As the CLG roster changed over time, Chauster would continue to show the versatility he possessed which would come to define his legacy. Moving from Mid, to Top, AD, Support, Jungle, and then finally back to Support again, Chauster is the only League of Legends player to have played every role in the game professionally.

Aside from his incredible skill and versatility, Chauster can be credited as the brains behind CLG. He is widely respected as one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent, and innovative minds in League of Legends, acting as the main shotcaller and strategist for CLG throughout most of his career.

Chauster is also responsible for the creation of the player that would become CLG’s world class AD superstar. Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng had this to say about Chauster’s time on CLG, “Chauster has by far been the biggest influence on my play throughout my career. He believed in me from the start when nobody else did, sent me to Chauschool, and taught me the foundation of knowledge I have used to build upon all the successes of my career. More importantly, he was my closest friend on the team and the person I connected most with.”

On top of everything he did for the team as a player and leader, Chauster also gave so much to the CLG community. His Ask Me Anything thread is by far the most popular thread on CLG’s forums which has generated over 25,000 posts and 6 million views.

For everything he has done, CLG wishes to thank Chauster for everything he has given to the organization and wish him success and happiness in his future pursuits.

Chauster’s last message as professional player to his fans: 

“Hello friends. It is with a heavy heart that I come forward today to announce that I will be retiring from League of Legends competitive play. This decision was not easy to make. Having played competitively for three years, I have experienced many highs and many lows. I have played the game from every position and from varying skill levels, ranging from the world’s best to your typical competitive player.


In recent months, my conviction for League has decreased and it has been apparent. I am no longer the same player I was two years ago and I do not see myself eclipsing my former self. I have been on CLG for the entirety of my career. Former CLG players: Kobe, Elementz, Saint, Voy, Loco, Aphro–you have all left me with fond memories. As for the current CLG members and staff, I am proud to have been part of such a close knit organization. Most people do not see the interactions of CLG members, but CLG has always been a great group of friends. I have never expressed my feelings but I want everyone to know that CLG has all been like family to me in these past few years. I will treasure all the special moments we shared. You guys have my gratitude. I wish you all the best.


I also want to give a shout out to Riot, the fans, and all my fellow players that I have met along this journey. Because of your combined support, I was able to travel around the world doing the thing I love most. Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity that I so thoroughly enjoyed. And on that note, I wish everyone good luck and to continue having fun on Summoner’s Rift.” – Chauster

Chauster also did an interview with Travis Gafford regarding his decision to retire. You can find the interview here.

CLG Roster

With Chauster retiring from professional League of Legends, CLG has also decided to move Michael “bigfatlp” Tang back to the role of a substitute for the main roster. Presently, CLG is actively seeking and trying out new jungle and support players. The goal is to have a new roster solidified within the next couple weeks to give the team enough practice time to properly test their strength against some of the other best teams in the world at IEM Cologne in November.



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