Chaos Heroes Online – First Impressions

Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos online is a Korean game, which is currently playable in SEA, Thailand, Japan and Korean servers. The game features characters from Guilty Gear X and Valkyria Chronicles among its own character designs. Characters do vary based on servers, i believe Japan and Korea have few exclusive characters, which can’t be played on SEA/Thailand servers. If the game is ever going to see Western release, i believe there is going to be few limitations regarding characters due copyright stuff.

The game has extremely good client, you can create a guild/clan and able to see what is your clan ranking. Also there is spectator mode, custom games, item shop, chat rooms and much more great features which other moba clients should have.

One of the problems i ran to in Chaos Online was the whole item/Crafting system of heroes and skins (They do not explain how it works). Although there is really great leveling system and there is even quests which grant you rewards (Makes you want to spend more time in the game).

There is also good tutorial mode with 3 different parts, which teaches you how to play the game. For someone who hasn’t played moba games this is pretty ideal. Currently there seems to be a two maps; one being traditional 5v5 moba with lanes. Then we have some sort of King of the arena map called “Shrine Of Life”.

Final Verdict

The game is pretty fun to play, i like most of the Character designs and game seems visually appealing. During my impressions i felt though some characters might be bit overpowered (Maybe just me). Although since the English servers are in SEA/Thailand i have around 300-400 ping and that makes it unplayable for me. Chaos online is something i want to try again if it ever hits the Western Shores some day. Until then i can only wait.

If your interested trying to play the game in SEA/Thailand server you can register here –



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