Brace Yourself, Rekkles is coming!

Brace yourself, Rekkles is coming!

Brace Yourself, Rekkles is coming!

The time has come to say goodbye to our good friend Johannes “Puszu” Uibos and welcome the long lost son Martin “Rekkles” Larsson! Rekkles turned 17 recently and as planned he will be taking up his AD carry position within the team. For quite some time Rekkles has been preparing for this day and it’s finally here.

Rekkles came into the team while ago but due to age restrictions he wasn’t eligible to participate in LCS last season. It was at that time Yellowstar came into the team to pick up this position. Due to some problems halfway into season 3 another change took place where Yellowstar switched to the support role and Puszu came into the team and picked up the AD carry spot.

We are incredibly happy that we had the chance to welcome Puszu to the Fnatic family. From day 1 he fit in with the boys and became a crucial part to the success of last season. We would like to thank Puszu for everything he has done and the amazing games he provided us and the fans.

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, Fnatic AD Carry:

I’m really excited to announce that I’m back as the Attack Damage Carry (Marksman) of team Fnatic. The last year has been a great life experience for me personally and I hope the future with Fnatic has more to offer.

After dropping professional gaming back in December of 2012 and leaving the team due to being underaged, it felt very frustrating for me since I couldn’t affect this decision. The frustration followed me around for a long time, on and off summoners rift, but as the say “sunshine after the rain”. I managed to join Copenhagen Wolves together with Youngbuck, Shook, Unlimited, and Cowtard as a substitute (still under contract for Fnatic).

I learned so much together with them, once again, on and off summoners rift, which I would like to now thank them all for. I still talk to them a lot and hang out with them at events, which is just a proof to how good we worked out with each other – that’s probably also why we won so many tournaments. This brought me to joining Fnatic, taking the position of Johannes “Puszu” Uibos,I would like to offer a huge thank you to him for doing such a great job. Thanks to Fnatic and all of the fans for supporting me throughout the last year and hopefully in the future as well, without you I might not be where I am now. I’m very excited about the future!

Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim, Fnatic Support:

First of all, I would really like to thank Puszu for his help. Without him, we might not have achieved our goals and more over, I was really impressed on how fast and how good he improved considering that he had no experience on playing competitively – Respect. On top of it, I enjoyed spending time with him and he had an extremely good mentality which fit the team very well. I wish him the best of luck in life!

Now, it has come the time where Rekkles turned 17 and as planned, he is joining the team. I don’t think we have to highlight how well he performed alongside Fnatic when he got a spot in the team – a very talented player that impressed a lot of people in several tournaments. He has lived with us in the house for a while because of his dedication towards the game and his spirit of being competitive remained for a year already despite the situation that put him apart from the professional scene. It is not easy to take for a gamer but still, he was
here to help us when we needed some advices regarding the game.
Rekkles’ motivation is now at the top since he is gonna play for the first time in a year, so we now have to practice and I hope we are going to play at our best!

In other words, me and my teammates are very excited about playing together as a unit after the world finals and we have the chance to take part in a tournament in the following days for IEM Cologne and Battle of the Atlantic.

I hope you respect our decisions, and you’ll keep supporting us ! Stay tuned, and see you at 24th of November!

Johannes “Puszu” Uibos, Former Fnatic AD Carry:

When I arrived at the house, I didn´t know what to expect. First I met Rekkles who was sleeping in MY bed and the feeling of meeting the pro players as it was a new experience to me, was great. I didn’t know what to do at all in the house the first days, I just played the game and tried to do my best, as time went by I got used to everything there and felt really comfortable – trying to cope with things I hadn’t done much before like scrimming with the players in a room together, laundry, cooking etc. And even if there were any questions or problems it felt awesome to have such a team standing by helping me in any way possible. It was a time well spent and I wouldn’t change anything about any day of the week,

I have to thank Fnatic for even considering giving me a chance like this and hope I made them proud, as they made me. We weren’t just 7 people in a house together and playing the game, we were a group of friends who could joke around about anything without the other one getting hurt, they were fun times and will be missed. I couldn’t imagine being in a team where there would be better teammates, Fnatic got that part spot-on, I learned a lot about everybody, way more than there is to see online and hope that we will still stay in touch.

I could write a book here about these guys and become the most successful writer in history, but I won’t make them more famous than they already are haha. I wish them all the best in the future of LoL and eSports – Win worlds for me in the years coming, alright!

Patrik “cArn” Sattermon, Fnatic Chief Gaming Officer:

I’m happy to see Rekkles pick up the AD carry position in the team. I’m amazed by his mindset at such a young age and I expect him to become one of the most accomplished gamers in Sweden, and the world. My gratitude goes out to Puszu for performing under the highest pressure, we will certainly know where to go to ask for help in the future. I wish him the best of luck!

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Join us in welcoming Rekkles back to the team and support him and the guys this weekend at IEM Cologne! Don’t forget you can also see the team in action in the “Battle for the Atlantic” in December.Want to carry a little piece of Rekkles around? Check out our new apparel! Brace yourself edition and Rekkles tee from Orcbite. Make sure you check out our new mousepad as well!We would like to thank Puszu once more for the great time and amazing games he gave us.


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