BLC – State Of The Game


BLC – State Of The Game

I had chance to talk with Geaches one of the players who has played since beta. With 23538 BLC (Bloodline Champions) games played, which is currently highest numbers of games played in the community. To give bit background about the game, Bloodline Champions was released on January 13th, 2011 by Stunlock Studios, BLC is free to play game having  different victory condition depending on the game mode, ranging from team deathmatch and capture-the-flag to map point control.  You can register to the game from here:

Interview With Geaches

Q: Hi Geaches, how are you doing?

A: Hi, Sugi. I am doing fine.


Q: How did you get into Bloodline Champions?

A:  Well, one day I was just looking for new games to play & I came across Bloodline Champions. That was back in 2011, back when the game was still in Beta.


Q: How has the game changed from back then?

A: Well, the game now features traits, gems & medallions which allow you to customize your gameplay. Other than that I’d say it has changed for the worse. With server problems & a lack of updates plaguing it.


Q: Geaches what is your Competitive experience on BLC?

A: Well, Sugi. I’ve mostly played Solo Ranked & reached Gold League. I haven’t played 3v3 teams all that much to warrant any impressive results. I did play some 2v2, Mostly I played with friends. I don’t think the playerbase of BLC is  big enough to be competitive, but I managed to defeat most of the players I encountered.


Q: When was the last game update?

A: The last content update was in July 2012. With the Sentinel Bloodline added. Other than that the game was only releasing items that were made a  while ago.


Q: Is Stunlock Studios Still developing the game or are they just keeping the servers up currently?

A: It doesn’t look like Stunlock Studios are still developing Bloodline Champions. They just check if the servers are still up from time to time and make sure they are running.


Q: So practically the game will slowly die off, because the developers aren’t doing anything about it?

A: It’s hard to estimate how long the game would still last. I’d say for as long as the game still has players & the developers & publisher still want it operating it will last. It could be anywhere from 2 months to 2 years.


Q: When and Why BCL started to go in decline? Why players stopped playing the game?

A: Bloodline Champions never interested new players for a very long time, but I think Bloodline Champions started to go in decline in 2012 when the 2.0 update was released. I think people didn’t like that BLC was supposed to be an equal game & now it has buy-able power like traits, medallions & gems. Another factor that resulted in BLC’s decline was a new bloodline that broke the balance & the developers inactivity during that season. I think that not many people are interested in a game like Bloodline Champions & as soon as the novelty wore off people moved on to other things.


Q: Was this also When Pro Players started to leave like Megazero?

A: Megazero enjoyed some success in Dreamhack Summer 2011, but he didn’t leave, last played Bloodline Champions 28 days ago, but yes, once BLC started to decline the competitiveness disappeared & pro players had nothing to do with BLC anymore. So, yes practically.


Q: Is There any hope left for BLC?

A: Hope to be a competitive & popular action game? Probably not. Hope to still be able to play BLC? Definitely.


Q: Anything you want to say for those who might want to try BLC out? Or perhaps to current BLC Players?

A: Yes. If you haven’t played BLC yet – try it. It’s a very interesting concept. And if you’re still playing BLC then I wish for you to have fun. While BLC may not be the most competitive game out there, it is still very fun to play and has a lot of unique concepts.



The Stunlock Studios has stopped working on this game, but their keeping up the servers, it is uncertain for how long, but enjoy the game while it lasts. BLC was considered among one of the most balanced Moba games out there, sadly the situation isn’t the same it was. There was also lot of claims that Funcom didn’t put much effort to advertising this game, which could have changed the course of this game. BLC is still great game and those who haven’t tried it, go to link above and download the game and try it.



Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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