Awesomenauts – The Vault is Back!

The Vault is Back for 2.4!

Once again Voltar’s Vault is up and running and this time for 2.4.  It appears the Vault will be used for every large update.  At the moment the only thing revealed is the new Starstorm character Sentry-X58(originally leaked through a blurred image however it was obvious it was Sentry behind the blur).

The next leak is assumed to be one of skills called “Black Hole Sun”.  The picture appears to have Sentry next to his skill which appears to be a giant black hole about 3 times larger than him.  It is currently unknown what the skill does however the words “temporal anomaly”(any sort of phenomenon that has a direct effect on the space-time continuum) points toward a time modifier type skill similar to Yuri’s time bubble and Raelynn’s time rift. 

Screenshot (23)
The two pictures revealed so far.

However, this may also be his shield ability mentioned in the Kickstarter which allows him to fire back all damage absorbed by the shield.

One thing we know for certain is the fact that Sentry will be a tank/defender type ‘naut thanks to the Kickstarter.   At the moment there are 6 locks(including the black hole) left meaning we have 6 more things to be released in the next patch.  Only time will tell what we will get from this character.

Click here to go to the Vault.



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