Awesomenauts Patch 2.1- S.U.S.I. Announcer

Awesomenauts Patch 2.1- S.U.S.I. Announcer

NEW Custom games features:
-New game mode: Randomnauts (a combination of all the below settings)
-New option: random character
-New option: random new class on death
-New option: allow same class in team
-New option: random loadout
-New option: autobuy random upgrades
-New option: override solar prices (one price for all)

General balance
-Aiguillon stealth duration reduced from 30s to 20s
-Power pills light health increased from 15 to 18
-Power pills light price increased from 120 to 130
-Power pills turbo health increased from 20 to 25
-Power pills turbo price increased from 120 to 130
-Power pills companion health increased from 20 to 25
-Power pills companion price increased from 120 to 130
-Droids won’t heal anymore when being pushed out of turret range, only if they would be killed by the health decrease they are given 25% of their health back (15hp).
-Solar tree coin regen reduced from 20 to 17 per minute
-Baby Kuri Mammoth debuff resistance increased from 20% to 25% per stage

Ted McPain
-Fixed that Ted McPain weapon switching did not function correctly when pressing the shoot button at the same time
-Removed a Spanish text from the French text of Ammo Weekly
-Shotgun shots are now separated into 3 projectiles each dealing 8 damage
-Commando Ted Figurine shotgun damage reduced from 5 to 2
-Base health increased from 130 to 140
-Reduced time Ted McPain’s mine stays on the ground from 8s to 6s
-Triple RPG now also increases the cooldown of airstrike by 4s
-Machinegun Stance now increases movement speed slighty
-Minimum jumpheight is now lower, this should provide for more jump accuracy

Coco Nebulon
-Melee movement slowdown increased from 50% to 75% of normal slowdown (so she is slower while shooting than before)

-T-800 Dome now spawns a hummingbird droid instead of a sawblade droid.
-T-800 Dome removed one stage, droid spawns with 100% health
-T-800 Dome price reduced from 180 to 145 Solar
-Nuclear Warhead now increases the attackspeed of timerift (250% per stage)
-Base damage of timerift increased from 1 to 2
-Base attackspeed of timerift reduced from 600 to 150
-HC Bomb now deals X3 damage for 215 Solar

Froggy G
-Can’t Touch This is now a flat damage shield with 40 hitpoints
-Hammer Pants price increased from 130 to 150 Solar per stage

Derpl Zork
-Empowered Grid Trap price increased from 115 to 150 Solar
-Lead Casing price increased from 150 to 180 Solar
-Fixed that pressing the Siege Mode button during cooldown would have weird effects

-Rubberband Ball speedup time increased from 3s to 5s

-Placing weedlings delay reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s
-Placing weedlings cooldown reduced from 1s to 0.3s
-Fertilizer extra health reduced from 15 to 8
-Weedlings now grow stronger during the course of the game, placed and new ones (every 5 min +7hp, max +21hp)
-Weedling base health reduced from 60 to 45
-Weedling health regen reduced from 4hp/s to 2hp/s
-Medican now also increases the regen of weedlings (+1hp/s per stage)
-Spike Slime dot damage reduced from 10 to 5
-Spike Slime now also increases the direct damage of spit by 5
-Spit dot damage reduced from 30 to 15
-Added direct damage to spit: 10 base damage
-Tentacle Soup slow time increased from 1s to 1.25s
-Rabbit Teeth duration increased from 1s to 1.5s
-Rabbit Teeth now also work on creeps and droids
-Overcharged Metabolism now adds a negative debuff to direct hit enemies where they take 10% more damage for 4s (+10% per stage, 160 Solar per stage) (at the moment only the damage receiver can see the extra damage, we will fix this in a future patch to show the damage to everyone)

-Drone explosion radius slighty increased
-Drones now directly explode when they hit a wall
-Drones can now be detonated with a second press
-Removed the delay on shooting suicide drones
-Turret addon price reduced from 230 to 200 Solar
-Healthpack surprise price increased from 140 to 180 Solar
-Twisted Nightmares now add damage to healing wave (+3 min damage and +15 max damage for 170 Solar per stage, deals 3 damage less on droids, 2 stages)
-Happy Thoughts price reduced from 200 to 160 Solar per stage

-Plastic Praying Beads added a stage (3 stages)
-Plastic Praying Beads damage reduced from 2 to 1
-Plastic Praying Beads price reduced from 230 to 120 Solar
-Hidden Leaves price increased from 155 to 175 Solar
-Jaggra Eggs price increased from 150 to 175 Solar
-Bronco Yeast price decreased from 185 to 155 Solar
-Spiritual Cooking duration increased from 20s to 30s
-Shooting a cocoon now has a 0.1 delay
-Cocoon bullet collision size slightly decreased
-Cocoon bullet speed slightly decreased
-Monarch Blessing duration reduced from 4s to 3s



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